Maximize Your Success

Advice to Selected Charities: How to Maximize Your OKRA Charity Saloon Opportunity

1. Be there.

Charities that won typically had some sort of representation at the bar every night—to answer questions and encourage people to vote (but not intrude on the customers’ experience at the bar).

2. Decorate your space inside the voting booth.

Every charity has a sign provided by OKRA. Underneath the sign, there is plenty of space for you to use. Get creative! Photos and interesting images are the most effective.

3. Provide interesting collateral at the voting box.

Decorate your space inside the voting booth.

4. Happy Hours!

Host happy hours and encourage patrons and members to attend. In some cases, board members of the charities bought the first round to encourage attendance.

5. Eat.

Customers receive tickets to vote when they order both drinks and food. Encourage people to order food and drinks, and you get double the votes.

6. Have other parties at OKRA.

Are you celebrating a birthday, graduation or any other event during the month your charity is featured? Host the event at OKRA. One charity had a board member who recommended OKRA as a wedding reception venue to a friend. That charity obviously received a lot of votes that night.

7. Utilize social media.

OKRA will be tweeting a lot about your charity that month, and you should do the same. Tweet about OKRA every day. Take photos of people voting for you, and post them on Facebook, your website, Twitter, Instagram, enewsletters. Use social media to encourage your fans and followers to visit the bar and vote for you.