October Charities

Direct HOPE

Direct HOPE's mission is to provide support to people who are suffering from homelessness and to assist them in the transition back into the community. We provide approximately 200 healthy hot meals to our friends in need on Sundays, along with hundreds of nonperishable snacks and hydration. In addition, we regularly distribute undergarments, shoes, socks, toiletries, and other necessities. We also assist the homeless in finding housing and employment and act as a liaison in getting them medical assistance and other services offered by social service agencies. When our homeless friends find housing our design team does a complete installation of furniture, appliances and accessories to turn four walls into a home, and when they return to the streets they do so as Direct HOPE volunteers on the serving side of the buffet line.


Houston Community ToolBank

The Houston Community ToolBank effectively serves as a tool library for nonprofits and their volunteers. Charities may borrow everything from paint rollers to chainsaws. Blue tools are used to build safe places for children to play, grow fresh vegetables in food deserts, repair storm-damaged homes, care for places of worship, and bring new resources to needy communities.

Hurricane Harvey devastated our community. Hundreds of nonprofits with thousands of volunteers sprang into action to assist. Thousands of those volunteers are still equipped with ToolBank tools. The crisis recovery effort has overwhelmed our tool lending capacity.

We’re champions of “doing.” We’re the ones who empower others to do more, build more, fix more—all in a fraction of the time. In times of disaster and blue-sky days of service, we offer thousands of tools and items to those doing good. By borrowing tools only when needed, we save organizations millions by not buying, renting, storing, insuring, and repairing tools.


Senior Rides and More

How did you get here? You drove your car. What will your life be like when you are too old to drive yourself to the grocery store? When you can no longer drive yourself to your doctor? When you want to have a meal at your favorite restaurant, but can’t just hop in the car and drive over there?

This is the life that many seniors face when they have aged out of driving, yet want to remain living in their own homes. Senior Rides and More is a small 501(c)(3) nonprofit that uses a network of volunteers to provide FREE rides to senior citizens! The majority of our seniors are women who are in their 80’s, live on less than $1,200 a month, and have no nearby family. Our volunteers use their own cars, and stay with our seniors as they visit their doctor or shop for groceries. Our volunteers happily help with the shopping and will even help carry the grocery bags inside the home. We help seniors with most transportation dependent needs such as medical appointments, grocery shopping trips, food pantries, prescription pickups, and errands. Most requests are for life-sustaining needs and our biggest request is for rides to medical appointments.

Because requests for transportation far exceed our number of volunteers, we use donations and grants to pay for alternative transportation so that we can guarantee that our seniors will never miss a medical appointment. Our seniors NEVER pay for this service. We are proud of our program and we are the only organization that offers senior transportation that is totally FREE to our seniors!


The Summerhouse

Welcome to The Summerhouse! As a community solution for young adults with intellectual disabilities, we promote the successful transition into adulthood through our intentional education program. More than simply being integrated, the members of The Summerhouse are truly known and valued as indispensable.

We support our members in honing their potential by focusing on four domains:

Vocation - evolve to fulfill their employment potential

Integration - engage to both serve and connect with the world around them

Socialization - expand to interact with their friends, coworkers, and community

Without limitation - enjoy greater independence and refine it daily

The Summerhouse is not located in a secluded environment – we consider the city itself our campus. Our members learn to navigate a real life community in a safe, supervised setting. Based in a quaint, Heights bungalow our members enjoy easy access to all the amenities and opportunities the great City of Houston has to offer. Using the real world as our classroom and training ground gives our members the chance to practice life in the environment they will one day reside.

The primary challenge our program faces is how to address a need that is vast and ever growing. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every 4 1/2 minutes a baby is born with a congenital disability like autism, down syndrome, muscular dystrophy, and countless others. If the national data trends and predictions run their course, the need for community-based transitional programs such as The Summerhouse will continue to grow astronomically. Millions of young individuals with disabilities will soon age out of high school and need a solution like our program.

Because of The Summerhouse, young adults with intellectual disabilities are being prepared for an independent life. Using the local community as our classroom, we provide unparalleled opportunities for every member to blossom into a thriving adulthood!