April Charities

Bayou Land Conservancy

Bayou Land Conservancy permanently protects wetlands and other ecologically valuable habitat through partnerships with willing landowners. We preserve land for wildlife habitat, flood mitigation, and enhanced water quality. Our programs connect the public to nature through recreation, education, and stewardship.

Bayou Land Conservancy’s area of focus are the waterways that feed Lake Houston, the most important source of drinking water for millions of Houstonians. We protect our iconic Texas landscapes and save Texas, for Texans, every day.

In the Houston region, BLC preserves nearly 12,500 acres at 58 preserves. Many of those preserves are open to the public for hiking, bird watching and even mountain biking. BLC’s adult nature education program, the Spring Creek Greenway Ambassador program, has trained hundreds of volunteers about our local flora and fauna, how to blaze and maintain trails, and how to get involved in local environmental issues and volunteer with BLC. In the summer, BLC volunteers will begin construction of the 11 mile Spring Creek Nature Trail, beginning at the George Mitchell Nature Preserve in The Woodlands. Trail construction is expected to be complete in June of 2018.

BLC members enjoy some exciting member benefits including invitations to member only happy hour events, BLC swag and an annual canoe trip on Spring Creek.


Galveston Bay Foundation

Galveston Bay Foundation is an environmental non-profit working to ensure that Galveston Bay is a healthy and productive place for generations to come. Their work improves water quality for people, restores habitat for fish and wildlife, and educates students about the importance of Galveston Bay.


Gulf Coast Monarch Project

Gulf Coast Monarch Project (GCMP) is a grassroots organization composed of group of citizens who are passionate about saving the natural phenomenon we know as the Great Monarch Migration. Every fall Monarch butterflies fly south from as far away as the Trans-Canadian Highway all the way to the mountains of Michoacán in Central Mexico. Millions of butterflies roost in the branches of Oyamel trees to keep warm in such masses that the branches bend under the weight. 23 years ago the forest hosted approximately a billion butterflies. However, last year that number had dwindled by as much as 90%. Herbicides, pesticides, global warming, and human encroachment on habitat have taken their toll on the lowly milkweed, the only plant Monarchs use as nurseries for their eggs and caterpillars. Monarchs are very important pollinators. All we have to do is plant native milkweed and nectar-rich flowers in our gardens! Through outreach programs, Monthly Monarch Flutterbys, partnerships with schools and nature centers, and our annual Gulf Coast SeedFling Wingding, GCMP is spreading the word, flinging seeds, and having fun. The butterflies win, the planet wins, we all win!


Slow Food Houston

Slow Food Houston is a local chapter of the international food movement Slow Food promoting good, clean, and fair food for all. Our key approach (re)connects the city with “where our food comes from,” featuring farm visits, educational workshops and food projects. We focus on food waste, urban food production, and food security with an overall emphasis on biodiversity (including heritage seeds and breeds) and local gastronomy/food heritage. We build working relations with local farmers, growers, producers and artisans which help us when we shop and eat to become active participants in how our local food system continues and grows.