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Best 4-Slice Toaster: Top-rated, Reviews & FAQs

Our prime experts have ranked the 21 products that you can be interested in the Best 4-slice Toaster. Let’s get started to learn about Best 4-slice Toaster with the help of AI & Big Data, and objective reviews from consumer reports. Listed below you can see major brands as: Smeg, WOLF GOURMET, Breville, Waring, KitchenAid, All-Clad, KRUPS, ZWILLING, Waring Commercial, Hatco.


The 4 slice toaster is getting more and more common and becomes one of the mosessential kitchen tools which can not be indispensable in your kitchen nowadays. Coming to our article today, we will focus on the best 4 slice toasters which can fit your kitchen demand as well as the key factors which you should consider when making your decision. Let’s dive into our topic today about the best 4 slice toasters

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Buying Guides

When considering what kind of toaster you should possess in your own kitchen, you should find out in a clear way. The 4 slice toaster is better for large families or for those who toast round after round. They’re heavier, which makes them generally more stable than two-slice toasters, and can usually toast two slices independently if you don’t need all four slots. 

They do take up double space on the countertop, though, so it’s worth checking if you have your own room before investing. And you can always opt for a long slot four-slice toaster, should your space be better suited for this as well. Four-slice toasters also tend to offer more exciting and variable settings than two-slice toasters, such as automatically keeping your toast warm if you don’t remove it.

So, with a view to better facilitating your decision, in this next section, we will guide you through what should be on your mind when you go out searching for the best 4 slice toasters. We hope that what’s discussed below will clear things up for you.

Shade settings

Discussing the Shade settings can sometimes represent the number of minutes the toaster will run for before popping, but that’s not always the case. They indicate a scale of how toasted your bread will be. This leads to the higher the scale, the more options you will get, and the more accurate you can be with setting your toast shade.

Variable width slots

It is a noticed thing related to variable width slots. This means your toaster will better fit thick and thin slices when using. When you press down the lever, a metal frame will compress and fit your slices as it lowers to make sure they’re toasted evenly, regardless of thickness. This is useful when toasting anything thicker too, such as bagels.

So that, having the right choice for your kitchen needs from the best 4 slice toaster.

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High lift

When it comes to the high lift, As the name suggests, this allows you to push the products higher than they naturally sit after popping. This means you can pick them up without burning yourself. Therefore you do not have to be worried when cooking at your home with this equipment. 

Remember that you have to carefully when shopping for the devices you want from the market and figure out clearly about the product before making a decision.

Crumb tray

Along with others, a crumb tray is a part of a slice toaster. Most toasters now come with a removable crumb tray which is usually concealed around the base. If you ever need to clean your toaster out, always start by removing and emptying the crumb tray. This catches all of the crumbs which fall as you toast.

Things to look out for

More about Accessories – Some toasters come with metal racks that sit on top and allow you to warm items such as rolls or croissants. Others, like the KitchenAid Artisan 2 Slice Toaster, can offer a sandwich rack that clamps and toasts your sandwich within. Toasters that offer accessories such as these will also come with a specific setting for each.

The fact that different brands give this feature different names, but if you find a function with a name like “a bit more” or “a little longer” it’ll allow you to toast your bread for slightly longer if it’s not quite too your taste after popping.

The warm function will lower your toast back into the toaster as well as keep it warm until you’re ready for it – some models do this automatically.

Quick look lets you take a look at the progress of your toast, should you worry it’s already there. This will usually pause the toasting when you raise the lever, which will then continue once you lower it again.

Glass toasters, one special part of a toaster’s usage. While these can look glamorous, bear in mind that they are high maintenance to keep clean. The glass will need polishing and the interior gets messy fast as crumbs are much more obvious.

At the time you end up deciding, it’s always best practice to test the toaster you’re thinking of buying with the kit you’re going to take it with in the top list of the best 4 slice toaster

It might be irritating having to take your whole device to a dealership, but it’s the only way you can really make sure how a toaster will work once you possess it, and your dealer might well have some good suggestions that you hadn’t considered. 

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The best 4 slice toaster reviews in 2021

1. KitchenAid KMT4203SR Pro Line Series Sugar Pearl Silver 4-Slice Automatic Toaster

Firstly, about this 4-slice Automatic Toaster, it is comfy for your own kitchen if you possess this Sugar Pearl Color in your collection.

With a warm function offered, it will automatically warm your food after it is getting cold again. However, it is not too electronic-consuming when using this keeping warm function.


KitchenAid KMT4203SR Pro Line Series Sugar Pearl Silver 4-Slice Automatic Toaster

Secondly, this product is produced with automatic lift and lower, which helps users not have to take the bread out by their own hand. This means it is safer for you when cooking.

With 7 shade settings and bagels as well as frozen functions helps create a perfect toaster for your kitchen and deserves one of the best 4 slice toasters in our reviews today.

2. Dualit NewGen Polished Chrome 4 Slot Toaster, 4-Slice

If you want to buy a high-quality product at a reasonable price, this toaster is one of the best choices for you from the top list of the best slice toasters.


Dualit NewGen Polished Chrome 4 Slot Toaster

It weighs 9.4 Pounds with 25 colors added, this is the toaster that offers the widest variety of colors in its category. It has multiple colors that customers have to consider the most in its color, apple candy redAzure Blue, brass, Canary Yellow, canvas white, Charcoal, chili pink, chrome, citrine, citrus yellow…

This product supports The ProHeat system evenly browns breadInsulated stainless steel body, high lift mechanism to remove small items easily Removable crumb tray, adjustable rear foot. Switch-system controls the degree of browning and Hand-assembled in Great Britain with Extra wide 28mm slots to accommodate thin and thick-sliced bread, bagels, muffins, and even a Sandwich Cage to make grilled cheese sandwiches.

Besides, it is a Patented insulated steel body. Toasters are also NSF approved as well as Award-winning protected Preheats elements, a patented design that increases toasting efficiency & element longevity, Removable built-in drip tray as well.

3. Smeg 4 Slot Toaster Pastel Green TSF03 PGUS

As the product above, this toaster also weighs 3.8 pounds with Multi-Functional Interface: dual independent toasting controls include features such as reheat, defrost, bagel function, as well as 6 different browning levels (less than the Zwilling toaster one level).


Best 4-Slice Toaster - Smeg 4 Slot Toaster Pastel Green TSF03 PGUS

The Compartmental includes 4 large single compartments with self-centering racks and Automatic Pop-Up which once the toasting time has finished, items will automatically pop up from their compartment.

Especially having Retro 50’s Style which adds a splash of color as well as an authentic 1950s vibe to any kitchen counter with Additional Accessories. It is equipped with a stainless steel crumb tray and is compatible with all other TSF01 accessories.

To conclude, do not forget that this product offers 8 colors of production for you to choose from; pastel greenblack, cream, pastel blue, pink, red, stainless steel, and white, more options for you to consider from the top list of the best 4 slice toasters in 2021.

4. Breville BTA840XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster, Stainless Steel

This smart toaster weighs 9.48 pounds with 4 slices. The Breville 4-Slice Smart Toaster has 4 extra-wide slots which allow you to toast your favorite bread types; Innovative one-touch automation lets you add more time to the toasting cycle using “A Bit More” and monitor your progress using the “Lift & Look”button.


Breville BTA840XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster

Besides, the Innovative Features which are ‘Lift & Look’ and ‘A Bit More’ allow you to check on your toast or add a little extra time without interrupting the toasting cycle; The bagel function makes sure even heat for even toasting as well as unfreeze your favorites using defrost.

Expanded with Extra Wide 4 Slice Capacity: The toaster features a 4 slice capacity and provides extra-wide slots to fit the demands of larger artisanal bread, thick bagels as well as dense pastries.

Concerning Variable Browning Control, The Breville Smart Toaster 4-slice lets you toast to your ideal brownness level as well as monitor your progress with the LED indicator, therefore, you know how much longer the toasting cycle has left to run.

Finally, about Automatic Control with Auto Lift & Look system; at the touch of a button, your bread can be automatically lowered into the toaster, it can be lifted during the toasting cycle to monitor progress and lifted at the end to deliver toasting perfection.

It is convenient for users to clean this product after each cooking time. You do not need to lift the toaster when cleaning, simply pull out the front crumb tray and empty it into the dustbin.

And remember that this toaster has a 1 Year Limited Product Warranty so you should take into consideration this product as one of the best 4 slice toasters in 2021.

5. Zwilling Enfinigy Cool Touch Toaster 4 Slice

This Zwilling toaster is 3.8 kilograms weight, quite slightly black color, and produced by Stainless Steel material; perfect toaster suits for your small lovely kitchen.

There are 7 browning control settings in this 4-slice toaster feature. It also has bread slice centering which is convenient for users to prepare for their meals.


Zwilling Enfinigy Cool Touch Toaster 4 Slice

Being equipped with a Built-in slot lift as well as extra-lift to ensure gentle raising of toast and easy retrieval; and others tools such as a removable crumb tray, 3 pre-set custom programs: defrost, reheat, and bagel helps provide a Safety function with automatic shut-off prevents burnt toast.

One more thing, this toaster is an Integrated cable winder for convenient storage. All those things create a perfect toaster for your kitchen needs so that this Zwilling toaster tops the list of the best 4 slice toasters in our article today.


Can you soak a toaster in water?

It is a frequent question. You should toast in a toaster before putting anything in it, always make sure it’s unplugged and cooled off. Flip the toaster oven so the top is facing the ground and shake out the crumbs… And gently pull the tray out of the bottom of the toaster as well as shake off any remaining crumbs in the garbage and place it in the water to soak.

How often should you replace your 4-slice toaster?

It is about six to eight years that you should replace your toaster. While any household appliance can be a hazard, 4-slice toasters are particularly temperamental as they get older. If a toaster isn’t cleaned regularly, leftover crumbs inside have the potential to catch fire. We suggest that six to eight years is the recommended maximum amount of time you should wait before replacing your toaster.

How much should I spend on a toaster?

It depends because each family has its own budget. Because of the wide range of subtle differences in just about every aspect of a toaster, spending as much as $100 can make sense to maximize your experience, even though you don’t get much of an upgrade in features. Dropping as much as $500 for the top of the line doesn’t make sense in this situation.

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The Best Rated Air Fryer Toaster Ovens

Why do toasters only toast one side?

The fact that the lowest setting can reheat toast without further browning. A warming rack that can be set on top of the toaster is the one feature that failed to impress. While having toasted just one slice, most toasters brown one side more than the other because heat radiates from the empty neighboring slot.

What makes a toaster stay down?

We have to say that the toaster mechanism stays down when the level triggers electric flow and enables a magnet at the bottom of the toaster, just below the down level. Then the magnet holds down a metal tab, located at the bottom of the level mechanism until the selected temperature is reached and electricity ceases.

How does a toaster work?

The question is what happens inside a toaster? always make everyone curious. It is said that electrical energy flows into the toaster from a wire plugged into the domestic electricity supply. … The filaments are so thin that they glow red hot when the electricity flows through them. As a series of small radiators, the filaments beam heat toward the bread in the toaster.

Final Thoughts

Finding a great 4 slice toaster is not easy, finding one that suits you is even harder. To help you a bit more, here’s a list that we’ve put together of the best 4 slice toasters available at the moment. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful for your shopping experience.

      Best 4 slice toaster for overall: KitchenAid KMT4203SR Pro Line Series Sugar Pearl Silver 4-Slice Automatic Toaster 

      The Runner-Up: Breville BTA840XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster, Stainless Steel 

      Best Lightweight: Zwilling Enfinigy Cool Touch Toaster 4 Slice 

    Best Value: SMEG 4 Slice Toaster 

      Best High-quality: Dualit Classic 4-Slice Toaster

And that wraps up our article on the best 4 slice toasters reviews today! Don’t forget to keep us updated on the best 4 slice toasters that you choose to purchase, and we’ll see you in our future updates!

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