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Which are the Best Blender Brands on the Market?

We ranked the top 21 best blender brands on the market. The top highest-rated brands are: Ninja, Vitamix, NutriBullet, Oster, Magic Bullet, Mueller Austria, OBERLY, OMMO, Hamilton Beach, ZBS, BEAST, BLACK+DECKER, Pecosso.

Those who wish to buy the best blender brands can use our recommendations to quickly evaluate which one will suit them.

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Best Blender Brands on the Market

If you are looking for an appliance that will liquefy your ingredients to a smooth consistency, look no further. A blender is all you need.  The best of them are fast, powerful, and convenient which we will get into more details in a wink!

There are different types of blenders. You need to consider your needs first before making a purchase. There are the big jug blenders that can handle it all, from blending smoothies to crushing ice cubes. There are also the smaller ones that are specifically for making smoothies and lastly, the immersion blenders for smoothing sauces lumps and pureeing.

That said, let’s dive into the best blenders and the brands that stand out from the crowd.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender – Best Overall

This is the overall best blender in the market, and one of the most expensive. But that is not something to deter you especially if you have a bundle to spend. If you are looking for a powerful machine that is excellent with its performance then this is it.

Vitamix Blender Series 750

It has a supercharged 2.2 horsepower motor. It will crush your frozen fruit into a smooth pulp, give your soup a velvety texture and make your smoothies smoother. This is a champion blender!

You will not have to endure the reassembling nightmare with this machine as its blades don't come off. The seven-year warranty it comes with is the cherry on top.

It weighs 13 pounds making it pretty heavy. But with its design, it can fit comfortably under a cabinet. Check it out here for the current prices.

Kitchen Aid KHB2561CU 5-speed Handheld Blender – Runner Up

It has an output power of 200watts. The best advantage of this blender is; you can blend gravies in the pot while on the stovetop cooking. There's no need for transfers into a bowl then back in the pot for reheating. It blends vegetables for soup and pureeing. Its 8-inch long arm makes it capable of going deep into the pots.

It has a comfortable rubberized grip to hold while blending. It also has many attachment options. For example, blades for crushing ice, pureeing and frothing. It comes with a whisk, chopper bowl. It is pretty easy to lift as it weighs 2 pounds.

KitchenAid KHB2561CU 5-Speed Hand Blender

It has a stainless-steel construction so you will not have to worry about it getting stained. It has a one-year warranty. For its current price and more information, check it out on Amazon.

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender – Best Portable Blender

For gym rats and commuters this one is for you. It is specifically designed for the on-the-go lifestyle. If your primary goal is to make milkshakes, protein drinks, and smoothies, this is all you need. It has a power of 175 watts and a small capacity jar that is 14-ounce.

The Hamilton is a budget-friendly option with a compact and lightweight design that weighs 1.8 pounds. It also comes with a one-year warranty. Another advantage to looking forward to is that it is dishwasher safe.

With the different five colors, sit comes with, I'm sure you will find one that matches with the theme of your kitchen.

Ninja Professional Counter Top Blender

This champion blender comes with a whopping 1,100 Watts of power that can turn ice into snow in seconds. It can blend whole fruits, vegetable seeds, and stems without breaking a sweat. It's magical!

This blender has a food processor, which not only makes the smoothest smoothies, margaritas, and butternut squash soup but also chops onions for you (no more whipping while chopping), salsa, and also kneads pizza dough for you so you can rest your pretty fingers and maintain your expensive pedicure.

It has a large enough pitcher that is 72-ounces. It also comes with two 16-ounce go-to cups that you can grab and run after you finish blending. It weighs about 11 pounds.

Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender

There are preprogrammed AutoiQ Settings on the control panel that helps you choose the needed speed according to what you are blending or kneading and the time is taken. It has a one-year warranty despite its performance. Consider if that's a gamble you are willing to take. Also, brave your ears for the noise it makes while processing.

If this meets your household needs check it out here. It is important to add that it consistently has good customer reviews.

Choosing the right blender for your needs

Blades – strength and ease of cleaning them

Strong blades that stand the test of time are better and best if they can smoothly process fibrous vegetables, frozen fruits, and ice without burning out the motor. These are also safer to clean than sharp ones.


If you plan to keep your blender inside a cabinet that you will be retrieved every time you want to use, choose a lightweight blender. You can also move them around the countertop if their cords can't reach the power outlet.

Consider the height of the big blenders and measure them to make sure they'll fit underneath the cabinets. Otherwise, this will simply stress you up when using. If the space will be an issue, go for an immersion blender.


The higher the wattage doesn’t always guarantee better performance. Consider the overall design of the blender in determining its performance.

Jar material

With the high-powered motors, it is unlikely for you to find blenders with glass jars. This is intentional because of the high-speed blades. In case a metal utensil is left inside the blender; the glass would shatter which might cause serious injuries.

Plastic jars are safer to avoid such accidents. Stainless steel jars are a great option too,  but since they are opaque you will be forced to open the lid to check if your smoothie is done to your preferred consistency.


High-end blenders are valued above $150. These promise high performance. They have more power, produce smoother textured smoothies and purees, and last longer. The lower-end ones range below $100. This will not do as much as the high-end ones.

With that said, you get what you pay for. As you choose the best suited for you, get to know its limitations. But the best one you can afford.


Can I process hot ingredients?

Allow liquids to cool to room temperature before blending them.

Does the goblet on the blender come off for cleaning?

Yes, it can. The base can be removed for easy cleaning. Be extra careful while cleaning the blades of the blender.

What are the recommended ingredients for each speed setting?

Low speeds are for lighter and thin mixtures like milk, batters, milkshakes, and scrambled eggs.

Higher speeds are dedicated for thicker mixtures like soups.


After giving you all the information that you will need, it's time to go shopping and get that blender you have dreamed of adding to your kitchen. They make life easier, especially the high-end ones. Don't fret! If you can't afford those high-end blenders, purchase the one you can and make the best out of them. That’s it with our best blender brands and over to you now!