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Best Portable Induction Cooktop for the Home and Outdoor Cooking

When it comes to finding the best portable induction cooktop, you should make sure you get one that fits your specific needs. To make it easier for you, we’ve done the work of putting together the top 21 best portable induction cooktop. You can get more information on how they can be of help to you below.


Best Portable Induction Cooktop for the Home

The more modern times, the more innovation, and one of the changes in the transition from gas stoves or electric stoves to induction cookers. With the best portable induction cooktop, cooking becomes much easier and safer. Friedokra understands your needs in choosing an induction hob to suit your needs, so write the guide below!

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Buying Guides

Induction cooker portable versus built-in

As mentioned earlier, you have the option of purchasing either a built-in device or a portable device. The best portable induction cooktops will naturally fit into your counter, while a portable type can be placed directly on the counter.

The decision to purchase should be based on the amount of available kitchen space in your home. Note that each has a different number of cooking zones. If you don’t have enough room for multiple burners, then a portable unit with one burner will be your best option.

Safety features

Although the induction hob does not use an open flame like a gas stove, it does not necessarily eliminate the need for a safety feature. Some models include an automatic shut-off feature, which turns the power off after a few seconds or minutes without detecting any pan or pot on the cooking surface.

Temperature setting

In addition to the pan detection sensor, the induction hob is also equipped with an accurate temperature setting. Many models have the ability to instantly adjust the temperature using the touch controls found right next to the cooking surface of the stove. This is especially helpful if you want your food to cook at a specific temperature.

Let’s take the NuWave PIC Gold 1500W Portable Induction Cooktop as an example. For this unit, the temperature range is 100 ° F -575 ° F . These figures may vary depending on your unit.

Power setting

In addition to customizable temperature settings, the induction hob has different power or power level settings. Again, these power levels can vary between models. Some units have 5, some have 10, while others have up to 20 power levels. Note that these levels also provide different capacities. Mai Cook Stainless Steel 3500W Electric Induction Cooktop offers you 13 levels of power to choose from.


Mai Cook Stainless Steel 3500W Electric Induction Cooktop

What’s interesting about this feature is the power boost function. If you need more energy to speed up the heating process and overall cooking time, then powering up can do it.

Induction cookers’ different power levels combined with different temperature settings may seem overwhelming at first for those who are accustomed to gas or electric burners. However, once you get the hang of it, you will learn to appreciate the advantages of induction cooking that you cannot or will hardly achieve with a gas or electric stove.

The surface is easy to clean

This is definitely something to look forward to. The best portable induction cooktops are easy to clean as the flat surface allows you to wipe off splashes or dirt with a kitchen cloth or any damp cloth, something you can’t easily do with gas or electric burners. 

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Best Portable Induction Cooktop reviewed in 2022

1. Iwatani IWA-1800 Electric Stove Induction Burner

The Iwatani IWA-1800 Electric Stove Induction Burner is specially designed for those who want to enjoy the induction power to cook all the delicacies, but also for those who need an appliance to heat their food or to prepare something easy like eggs, pasta, etc. anywhere they are near a power source.


Iwatani IWA-1800 Electric Stove Induction Burner

With electronic touch-keyboard controls, this best portable induction cooktop is extremely user-friendly. You have controls to turn the device on and off, adjust heat degrees and temperature levels. You can choose from 9 power levels (shown as low, medium, and high on the panel) and 7 temperature settings (110, 135, 170, 200, 250, 330, 410 degrees F) when starting to use the burner.

Engineered to be the most portable and durable induction device available, the Iwatani IWA-1800 Electric Stove Induction Burner can be used by people with some experience in cooking: it is present in black Schott Ceran and the cooking zone is 10.75 x 10.75. The only problem would be to keep it clean as food could spill over, but make sure it gets cleaned after each use.

With a capacity of 1800 Watts, you can cook anything you want with IWA-1800 Electric Stove: just get inspired and prepare something delicious for a family dinner or a meal to eat quickly. The requirements of this device are those of the following: 120v/60HZ / 1-ph.

There is only one heater element, but the fact that the American Iwatani Corporation IWA-1800 Desktop Induction Burner is designed with a thinner profile makes it a lighter product and allows you to put many such devices side by side.

In the event that you are not using the proper cooking utensils, the Iwatani cooktop will detect this aspect thanks to its material-compatible detector. Therefore, you will know what kind of cookware you should buy in the future.

2. NuWave PIC Gold 1500W Portable Induction Cooktop

Compared with other competitor models, NuWave PIC Gold 1500W Portable Induction Cooktop recommends a wider temperature range. There are 6 temperature settings. It is preprogrammed with 52 temperature settings from 100°F – 575°F in increments of 10°. Despite its precise temperature control, this unit is a great choice as it also works very well as a party heater or serves among other functions.


NuWave PIC Gold 1500W Portable Induction Cooktop

Believe it or not, this stove will keep you comfortable. You can try state-of-the-art programming technology with 100 hours of memory that allows you to program your favorite cooking processes. To get you into the kitchen comes with a healthy 10.5-inch anodized Duralon ceramic non-stick pan.

With this pan, you cook your favorite dishes without adding any unhealthy fats or oils, which turns out to be the perfect addition to NuWave PIC Gold. As you can use it, it heats up very quickly without pouring heat into your kitchen, and it’s considerably economical compared to traditional heating elements.

NuWave PIC Gold 1500W Portable Induction Cooktop is compact enough to carry around and doesn’t take up a lot of space, and at the same time, the temperature setting provides your accurate readings.

Sure, sometimes being around as an extra burner would come in handy, such a device seems to be of very high quality, amazingly good temperature regulation, and very efficient. It’s boiling water, frying, and anything you can think of doing on your stove you can do on this induction hob in no time.

3. Mai Cook 3500W Electric Induction Cooktop

The first commercial burner we’ve reviewed is the next induction burner on our list. Mai Cook Stainless Steel 3500W Electric Induction Cooktop is a powerful single 3500-watt burner that can handle large loads.


Mai Cook 3500W Electric Induction Cooktop

This best portable induction cooktop has a temperature range from 140 to 464 degrees. There are 13 different power levels controlled by a digital display and push-buttons. On top of that, the capacity is adjusted through the capacity for more precise control. 

With the stainless steel body, this burner is very sturdy and durable. It can easily withstand commercial or civil use. Most importantly, this stove provides consistent performance. It has an IGBT Infineon and the German crystal panel is both energy efficient. In addition, the internationally patented dual induction coil heats quickly and evenly.

This Mai Cook Stainless Steel 3500W Electric Induction Cooktop is a great tool for home brewing. For example, it can withstand weights up to 133 lbs (about a 14-gallon pot). It also has an overheating sensor and automatic shut-off. The high load weight makes this a good burner choice for brewers.

It can easily heat multiple gallons of liquid in a short period of time. In addition, it has a digital timer and is able to leave for up to 24 hours. In short, this stove has simple, intuitive controls while still delivering maximum power. It will help you cook faster than ever.

4. Duxtop Bundle 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop

At low prices, there will be some limitations with portable induction cookers. They will have large fans and can be made primarily of plastic (meaning they may not be able to withstand the weight of a heavy pot). Most people know this and be happy with any device that gets hot quickly and out of warranty. However, the Duxtop Bundle 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop is different.


Duxtop Bundle 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop

For starters, this Duxtop induction hob has 15 power settings and 15 temperature settings. This is almost unheard of for any portable burner under $80. It also generates better heat than most burners of the same class.

Instead of all the pulse on/off of most other induction burners, the 9100MC has several “smart” features that allow it to pulse at less than 1800 watts. Especially at low temperatures, this translates into more precise temperature control.

The Duxtop Bundle 9100MC has a plastic control panel with a push-button operation. The control panel is tilted downwards against the cooking surface, making it safer and easier to use – less likely the hot pan melts the panel and is easy to operate even with a pan on it. Like all Duxtop induction cookers, it has an intuitive interface, is simple and easy to operate.

As with all Duxtop induction cookers, the control buttons on the Duxtop Bundle 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop are easy to understand and use. You turn on the device, select a mode by pressing Heat, Temperature, or Timer, and use the Plus/Minus keys to navigate to the desired setting. The large LED display is easy to read. Everything you need to know at a glance will be shown on this display too.

5. Max Burton 6515 Digital ProChef-1800 Induction Cooktop

This last best portable induction cooktop in Friedokra’s list is the Max Burton 6515 Digital ProChef-1800 Induction Cooktop. You can see how well-designed this induction hob is. This induction hob is much more powerful than a conventional stove.

This induction hob also has 4 modes of operation. Such as programmable capacity, temperature, and cooking. This induction hob has 10 adjustable watt settings and 15 temperature settings.


Max Burton 6515 Digital ProChef-1800 Induction Cooktop

This kitchen is fully equipped with digital controls. It also has one-touch options for your convenience. Check that the temperature is set for correct cooking. This induction hob can withstand larger volumes than conventional cookers.

It also has a digital LCD display for your convenience. Mainly this induction hob is used for commercial purposes. It is important that you can carry this stove from one place to another. Like on the boat, in the garden, etc. This induction hob also comes with a 1-year warranty.

This commercial induction hob is the industry’s first to provide programmable and precise temperature control. Intended for professional chefs in a restaurant or industrial kitchens, the Max Burton Digital ProChef Induction Cooktop series of durable cookers are very common in the culinary world.

Stainless steel structure. This new version of the discontinued 6500 model now includes a temperature probe for precise food temperature control in the 5 ° F range. And, the programmable cooking mode has options for sous cooking modes. vide and slow cooking.

This burner meets FCC standards, ETL-US (UL197), and ETL Sanitary (NSF-4) for electric cooking appliances. Extremely fast and safe. Just press a button to change the temperature instantly. Even faster than cooking on gas without potentially dangerous flames. The stove stays cool unless it comes in contact with the induction pan, so it is safer than a conventional stove.


How does the best portable induction cooktop operate?

Now let’s get a little bit of science. Induction cooking is a two-part system. The first part is a coil of wire made of copper. When electric current passes through a spiral, it creates an electromagnetic energy field.

This energy is passed through the cooking unit into the pot causing its iron molecules to vibrate tens of thousands of times in seconds. Friction between these molecules is what generates heat very quickly. Induction cookers transfer heat through electromagnetic energy directly into the cookware – virtually no heat on the burner.

What is the best kind of portable induction stove to buy?

If you need an extra burner for your kitchen, the reasonably priced Duxtop Bundle 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop is the best portable induction cooktop we’ve tested. It has a panel with large, easy-to-read buttons that let you simply adjust the power, temperature, and timer modes. Compared to the other models we tested, the Duxtop cooked more evenly.

How many amperes does the portable induction hob use?

Almost all portable induction cookers with a single burner have capacities between 1200-1800W. This means if you use a single induction hob, the minimum required circuit is 15. amps. Larger stoves or stoves that support multiple burners will require a higher amp circuit.

Is induction cooking bad for your health?

Induction cookers, like other electric cooking parts, avoid burning and direct gas lines and are therefore inherently safer than gas stoves.

How long can a portable induction stove last?

Commercial appliances designed to last 30,000 hours have a typical lifespan of up to eight years, which equates to cooking 10 hours a day over the lifetime of the stove. When purchasing an induction hob, inquire about the expected hours and life of the appliance and its warranty.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the top 5 list that Friedokra showed you today can help you choose the best portable induction cooktop for your family. Each induction cooktop here meets the criteria for quality as well as reliability. You can use them to cook at home or bring them to parties.

    Best portable induction cooktop for overall: Duxtop Bundle 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop.

    Best user-friendly: Iwatani IWA-1800 Electric Stove Induction Burner.

    Best smart induction cooktop: NuWave PIC Gold 1500W Portable Induction Cooktop.

    Best commercial cooktop: Mai Cook 3500W Electric Induction Cooktop.

    Best with LCD display: Max Burton 6515 Digital ProChef-1800 Induction Cooktop.

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