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The 17 Best Semi-automatic Espresso Machine of January 2022

Our prime experts have ranked the 17 products that you can be interested in the Best Semi-automatic Espresso Machine. Let’s get started to learn about Best Semi-automatic Espresso Machine with the help of AI & Big Data, and objective reviews from consumer reports. Listed below you can see major brands as: Breville, QIAOLI, Denghl, De'Longhi, BTBT, Sincreative, Ascaso, LZHYA, LLLD.


What better way to start your working day sober with a cup of aromatic espresso? However, have you ever thought that buying coffee every day is really a task that takes time as well as money? If so, then what you need right now is the best semi-automatic espresso machine. And understand your thoughts, so Friedokra compiled this list.

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Buying Guides

The best semi-automatic espresso machine tends to do most of the heavy lifting. The user of the machine will press the paddle or rotate the paddle causing the mechanical pump to start working – forcing water to pass through the gate filter. Yes, there is a learning curve with these machines, but not as much as the lever machine. 

Semi automatic machines come in different sizes. Commercial espresso machines are usually semi-automatic and their prices can vary significantly. If you want a home or office machine for coffee lovers, this is the machine for you.


Before buying the machine, make sure your mind is on the spot where you will place your espresso machine. Also, are you planning to use the device at home or work? Most machines can fit any tabletop as long as there’s enough space for it.

Having a coffee bar at home or work is ideal so you won’t have to worry about chasing random chores while making your coffee. The best semi-automatic espresso machine must have a corner or seat so that you can comfortably make your espresso any time of the day.


Best semi-automatic espresso machine  - DeLonghi EC9335R La Specialista Espresso Machine with Sensor Grinder

Ease to set up

Setting up a semi-automatic espresso machine can be a bit more complicated. Depending on the machine, you may need to install a special wall outlet (which provides more power) and you may need or want to connect the machine to the main water supply. If the camera is fully plugged in and water is flowing through it, you may need to program your pictures.

The machine has a lever somewhere in the middle – you plug it in, add water and wait for it to heat up. After that, you can make your cup of espresso.


Several brands of espresso machines often come with different types of accessories you need to make your espresso. Some brands don’t require that. But this will always depend on the type of machine you’ll buy and how you arrange your coffee.

Because not all coffee accessories are required in the espresso-making process. But if you need to replace some parts of the espresso machine, it’s best to buy from the same brand as the machine to ensure the compatibility of the accessories.

Grinding capacity

Some machines have a built-in coffee grinder, such as the Breville Barista Express. Having a built-in grinder on your coffee machine saves you a lot of time from manually grinding the beans.


Breville BES880BSS Barista Touch Espresso Machine

It’s faster and gives you the consistent coffee beans you need during your brewing process. Some machines use a stainless steel blade to grind beans. And some use ceramic to avoid burning the coffee grounds after the grinding process is over.

Water storage

The size of the water tank will depend on the size of the machine you will buy and how much water you will use to make coffee. Each machine has separate coffee and milk storage tanks.

Frothing capability

Normally, with an espresso machine, you will always be in control of the amount of milk you want. This is to ensure that you will be able to reach the velvety milky foam you want your cappuccino to have. Some machines have a detachable freezer compartment and some machines are built into the machine. 

There is a setting on each milk foaming machine that allows you to play with the texture of the milk. Some of the best semi automatic espresso machines with such features are Breville BES920CBXL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine and De’Longhi EC9335R La Specialista Espresso Machine. It is trial and error before you can achieve the type of foam you want your milk to be.

Ease of cleaning

An espresso machine can be a lot of work. Because there are some ingredients that you need to fill and some areas you need to clean. When it comes to the overall cleaning of your coffee machine, you need to pay attention to the smallest details and possible areas through which milk and coffee pass through. 

All machines are easy to clean if you always wipe off excess liquid around them, especially the drip tray and nozzles. Smaller machines like Nespresso Essenza Mini require less cleaning time.

But larger and more advanced machines require a routine of cleaning them. This is to ensure that the quality of the drink they will give you will be consistent.

And whenever you use detergent or a recipe for cleaning, always run a test run during the espresso brewing process. Make sure the drink you will pull won’t taste like detergent.


Best semi-automatic espresso machine reviews

1. Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

If what you want is a quick but decent espresso from an all-in-one that doesn’t take up too much counter space, you’ll want the Breville Barista Express. The price can be tough, but the espresso machine is an investment, and this best semi automatic espresso machine is really at the bottom of the price range for a quality machine.

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

It’s hard to get a better espresso with less effort. The Breville Barista Express is one of the more user-friendly espresso machines on the market – semi automatic or otherwise.

One thing that sets the Breville Barista Express apart from similar machines is the coal filter built into the water tank. There are a few brands that offer purification pills, but you’ll often forget to take them if you’re like us.

If you have the habit of drinking a Starbucks or Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf that you are committed to making, it will pay for itself in about a year or two. You’ll also find that by the end of that year (or two), you’ll likely order better drinks of your taste than any other barista could.

2. Gaggia RI9380/46 Classic Pro Espresso Machine

Gaggia RI9380/46 Classic Pro is a modern and quieter version of the Gaggia Classic 14101 espresso coffee machine. If you are willing to learn how to make the perfect espresso and are not afraid to work a little extra for a delicious cup, this espresso machine might be the right choice for you. This best semi automatic espresso machine can make coffee at the barista level at an affordable price and is a great choice for beginners.

Gaggia RI9380/46 Classic Pro Espresso Machine

For beginners, Gaggia Classic Pro is a durable, sturdy, and affordable espresso machine. It has some great features for professional-grade espresso-making, complete with steamed and foamed milk and a mechanism to extract maximum flavor from the coffee grounds. You will not have any difficulty in learning how to use and brew a delicious cup of coffee to start the day.

Gaggia RI9380/46 brings all the features of a professional coffee machine to you at a lower price. You may have to buy a good grinder and shaker for better performance, but it will be worth every penny.

Overall, if you want to put the time, money, and effort into a delicious espresso every day, you can love this product. Also, make sure your kitchen has space to accommodate this bulky machine.

3. Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

One of the Friedokra team’s favorites on the list of the best semi automatic espresso machine is Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker. 


Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

This is a semi-automatic 15 bar espresso machine. It has a one-touch control panel, so you can easily make a simple espresso, latte, or cappuccino with one-shot and two-shot options for each. The foaming machine is automatic, so you don’t have to worry about jumping into the world of latte and foam art if you’re not already.

Both the water and milk tanks are removable, easy to fill, and clean. Another thing we love about Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker is that it is so easy to use.

The espresso brewing will save you from worrying about making your espresso so that you can enjoy beautiful quality espresso cups without any worries. If you want to do some experiment, there’s even a recipe book to inspire.

4. Calphalon BVCLECMP1 Temp iQ Espresso Machine

We live in an age where we need a lot of energy to match the current pace of the world and what’s more efficient than a cup of espresso to boost your energy and kick-start. dopamine in your brain, helping to support you in day-to-day responsibilities.

Plus you need speed to run to the world, so to keep you from the grind, soak and brew by hand and take a lot of time, we recommend the Calphalon Temp iQ Coffee Maker.


Calphalon BVCLECMP1 Temp iQ Espresso Machine

The Calphalon Coffee Maker’s brand name is its ability at precise temperatures to extract optimum flavors. Furthermore, what sets these products apart from others are three main features: Advanced PID Controller for temperature stability; Thermoblock technology for fast heating, and Pre-Infusion for even extraction.

Consistency is the key to a perfect cup of espresso. Well-blended, right tamps, the right temperature is all provided in the Calphalon Coffee Machine to create your perfect espresso.

It includes stainless steel milk jug, Tamper, 2-to-1 and 2 cup filter, and cleaning latch. A multipurpose device systematically serves a purpose with unrivaled features to easily make delicious espresso at home.


What should I do first when buying the best semi automatic espresso machine?

Yes, the first thing is the first. Before you can enjoy your espresso, you need to prepare it. Priming involves drawing water from the storage tank into a dry or empty boiler. The process only takes a few minutes and only requires you to fill the tank with water, turn a few switches and turn one knob. 

Your machine will come with detailed instructions but the process is extremely simple and is the recommended step for home-use semi-automatic espresso machines to ensure that the boiler is fully pre-filled. when using. Thanks to a heat-exchange boiler, Prosumer espresso machines do not require this step.

How should I choose the coffee for my espresso machine?

You can choose from four different types of coffee to make in your semi-automatic espresso machine: freshly ground, pre-ground coffee, pods, and capsules. As their name suggests, fresh and ground coffee are both ground coffee.

While the packaged pre-ground coffee works well with the pressure portafilter filter found in most home-use espresso machines, the grind tends to be too coarse for commercial-style machines and filter portafilters.

Freshly ground coffee offers the benefits of great taste as well as a rite of gratification when choosing your beans, grind your coffee to a specific roughness, and finally enjoy a rich aroma that is truly unique. of freshly ground coffee.

Additionally, using freshly ground coffee in your semi-automatic espresso machine requires you to have a handy grinder. With an in-house grinder, you can ensure that you grind coffee to match the required rawness of your espresso machine.

How about the water?

Just as the type of coffee you plan to use in a semi-automatic coffee machine largely affects the outcome of your espresso, the water used in the brewing process has the same responsibility for the taste of your coffee cup. While hard water such as taps and wells are most commonly used and most attractive for their convenience, they are not always the best. 

Hard water contains higher amounts of calcium and magnesium than bottled or filtered water and these minerals will deposit in the boilers and pipes of your espresso machine ultimately limiting the water flow.

Distilled and deionized water affects both the taste of the espresso and can damage the inner workings of semi-automatic espresso machines. The water will eventually puncture the boiler while the lack of minerals in the water leaves a void in the flavor of the espresso.

How can I clean and maintain my best semi automatic espresso machine?

To ensure optimum brewing quality, the semi-automatic espresso machine requires daily cleaning and maintenance. After you have enjoyed your delicious and delicious espresso drink, it is important that you first remove the used residue from the portafilter filter and then rinse the portafilter with water from the hot water dispenser. 

On the Prosumer machine or the dispensing group on home machines take care to remove all excess abrasive particles in the portafilter filter basket. This helps to ensure the quality of the beers in the future and to prevent clogging.

Drip trays, water collection trays not used for mixing as well as water for rinsing, must be poured regularly. You will also want to notice the foaming wand of the espresso machine.

Due to frequent contact with milk, it is advisable to wipe with a damp rag after use in addition to splashing more steam out of the chopsticks to clean the inside of milk that may have accumulated.

Now that the outside parts of your semi-automatic espresso machine are clean, it’s time to move your intentions inside. Prosumer machines must be rinsed once a week while home-use machines must be disinfected every three to four months.

No matter what kind of semi-automatic espresso coffee machine you own, you’ll want to make sure to soak your shower shield, filter basket, filter, and steam wand regularly to eliminate clogging and sediment. dirty. You should also scrub areas that are prone to settling with a group brush.

Can I make milk-based drinks with my espresso machine?

If you are a fan of latte and cappuccino latte, a frothing machine might suit you better. The options are plentiful: steam wand, built-in foaming powder, or even a standalone milk foaming device that you can buy as an accessory.

Final Thoughts

Woah, this is a long post. What do you think of the list of the best semi automatic espresso machine that Friedokra has introduced to you? Let us know what you think. And to summarize the most notable products on this list, we’ve put together a summary below that includes:

Best semi automatic espresso machine: Breville Barista Express.

Best durable machine: Gaggia RI9380/46 Classic Pro.

Best for the dual shot: Calphalon Temp iQ Coffee Maker.