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The 31 Best Stick Blender of January 2022

Our prime experts have ranked the 31 products that you can be interested in the Best Stick Blender. Let’s get started to learn about Best Stick Blender with the help of AI & Big Data, and objective reviews from consumer reports. Listed below you can see major brands as: Keylitos, Vitamix, Braun, KOIOS, MOOKA, UTALENT, All-Clad, Waring, Waring Commercial, Li Bai, Mueller Austria, VAVSEA, TUMIDY, VBENLEM, Breville, GE, bamix, Cuisinart, FUMONCHY, DASH.

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    Waring Commercial

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Best Stick Blender – A Buyer’s Guide

This particular blender is designed to be used while being hand-held and immersed in food to blend without making a mess; hence the name Stick or Hand/ Immersion Blender. The beauty of this appliance is that it is versatile and convenient for several reasons;

  • Soothing lumps from gravies
  • Blending liquid batters
  • Puree pasta sauce
  • Processing baby food
  • Blend ice in a smoothie; just to name a few

You cannot do kitchen without this super gadget. It blends and mixes hot foods in pots while on the stove. And because of these reasons, it has earned itself a place in our kitchens.

Navigating through the market in search of the best stick blender can feel like a hustle, given the plethora of options out there. But, allow us to offer some help.

Key features to consider before settling for your best stick blender


Since the blender doesn't take on heavier and tougher things there is no need for much power. A good one may range from over 200W. Although the more watts it has, the more the speed. This will certainly make the price go up.

For pureeing baby food, creaming soup, and blending soft food, for example, a blender under 200W will do the work for you. Please note that more power does not reflect quality and comfort.


While working with your stick blender it’s very important to be able to control the speed. You need to vary the speed depending on what you are blending. A slow speed can be used for lighter things while a fast one for heavier mixtures. It's up to you to decide because you choose according to what you want your blender to do for you.

Material – plastic vs metal blenders

The material you choose will have pros and cons, so choose a struggle. For plastic ones, they are lighter to use than the metallic ones which tend to be heavier and tiring while using. The plastic ones will stain more, so if you blend more turmeric kinds of stuff you will end up with a yellow immersion blender over time. They also crack and chip easily than metallic ones. The metallic one is more durable but, it's almost more prone to rust.

Cord or cordless?

The corded ones are more powerful than cordless varieties. Although, make sure that the cord can reach your power source. Also, the electric cord can get tangled or burnt or knock things off your kitchen top. Cordless blenders are portable and convenient but imagine losing power while cooking your food. So it's up to you.

Handle and grip

These gadgets have to be hand-held when being used, thus comfort should be a top priority for you. The handle shouldn't be too large to grip; the on, off, and speed buttons should be well placed for easier operation with your fingers. Look for handles that have non-slip rubber for more comfort. Also, ensure it's not heavy to tire you.

Blade material

The blade materials are generally plastic and metal. So you can breathe easy as they won't scratch your non-stick cookware. The wider the blades with large vents, the better they are; at circulating food around for maximum blending. They are also easy to clean. Whichever design of blades you chose make sure they will fit easily in your cooking pots and cups.

Beauty and aesthetics

None of us likes ugly things. Ask yourself the following:

  • Are you drawn to bright or dark-colored things?
  • Do you prefer modern to vintage?
  • Does it need to match with the other appliances you have?
  • Does your blender need to accentuate your kitchen theme?

If all these matters to you then there is a sea full of blenders in the market to choose from and get the one that is most appealing to you.

Attachments and accessories

Immersion blenders will include some attachments with them, but they'll also leave the option to purchase additional accessories suited for your preference. Some will come with extra blades for chopping and whisking.

Others come with bowls, beakers, and jugs. Some beakers will come with handy lips to insure smooth pouring. With others, you will get carrying bags and wall mounts. The more attachments you have, the easier your work will be.

Ease of cleaning

These types of blenders are easy to use. After using, run tap water over them, and that's it. If the food has stuck on the blades, use warm soapy water for a few seconds. You can turn it on and run it over that soapy water, and that should do it.

For those blenders that have interchangeable blades take them off and put them on after cleaning. If you prefer to clean using a dishwasher you can read the manufactures manual and get to know which parts are dishwasher-safe.

Noise level

Most of our home appliances are noisy, and that's a fact, but some are quieter than others. You should read other customers' reviews online about certain stick blenders before buying them; if noise is an issue for you or people in the house.

I know you have a few other questions, so let’s tackle some of them.


Do stick blenders come with warranties?

It doesn't matter which brand you buy; it must come with a warranty. Most warranties are one year and above, depending on the manufacturer.

Which is the best brand for my immersion blender?

I won’t lie. Some brands are superior to others. But, every person buys their immersion blenders for different reasons. So buy a blender that suits your specific and unique needs.

Is my immersion blender dishwasher safe?

Please note that your immersion blender; should never be immersed in water. Read the manufacturer's guide and know which parts are dishwasher-safe.

How should I spend on my immersion blender?

I can't dictate how much you spend, but I will advise accordingly. The higher the cost, the highest the quality, more style, attachments, power and speed, and efficiency. Go to and do some window shopping without forgetting your most crucial needs.

It’s not about the money; it’s about how much it can serve you and its longevity.


After all, is said and done, it's up to you to do the final work, shop. The wand blender (because it works like magic!) is one of those gadgets that; you are okay without until you get one and find out you can't do without it. Put your considerations first, then settle for one that suits you best. All the best in finding the best stick blender to add to your kitchen's arsenal of appliances!