March Charities

8 Million Stories

Eight Million Stories Program (A SER Jobs for Progress Program) is an alternative education program that seeks to upend the school-to-prison pipeline by supporting previously incarcerated youth as they re-enter their community and curbing unnecessary referrals from schools to the justice system. Working with local businesses and organizations, we will empower vulnerable youth to succeed in school and beyond through a holistic educational experience grounded in academics, occupational skills training and social-emotional development.

Fishing Pole Scholarship Program

Many students today are motivated and hard-working, but without the resources to pursue higher education. Fishing Pole works to help bridge that gap by providing high school students with funds for higher education while also encouraging them to participate in resume building extracurricular activities. Each year, Fishing Pole's students obtain sponsors whom agree to donate to the program for each hour that a student participates in a sport, after-school program, part-time job, or similar activity. At the end of the year, each student receives a partial scholarship equal to half of the donations made by his or her sponsors. The other half of the donations are pooled into a general scholarship fund which Fishing Pole uses to award additional scholarships to its students. Scholarships from the general fund are intended to be “full ride” scholarships and are awarded based on the number of hours participated and the number of sponsors obtained by a student throughout the year. All Fishing Pole scholarships are used for participation in university, industry, or technical training programs.”


Houston: reVision works with youth enmeshed at every point of the school to prison pipeline - teens in trouble at school, in juvenile detention, on probation - as well as ‘certified’ youth in adult prison. Intervening in the lives of male and female youth of all ethnicities, reVision has come into contact with hundreds of youth whose pathway into the criminal justice system began in their home schools, where they found themselves suspended, removed to alternative schools, then arrested and expelled. Many of our system-involved youth are also in the foster care system, experiencing homelessness, are refugees or gang-affected. There is no other organization in Harris County with the capacity, expertise and existing relationships to access this difficult to reach population. By connecting one kid at a time to caring adults, positive peers and a program that works, we offer disconnected youth the opportunity to revision hopeful pathways.

WC Handy Foundation

WC Handy Foundation's mission is to preserve the legacy of the Father of the Blues and to gift financial support to disadvantaged or disabled children to further their music education. The ASCAP Foundation and the Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation along with our Foundation gifted the WC Handy Award to The Rise School Houston to support their Music Therapy Program for children with Down Syndrome. Houston Ebony Opera Guild performed WC Handy's music along with excerpts from Scott Joplin's Opera Treemonisha and Dr. Kenneth Billups Spirituals at their 2018 Annual African American Music Gala. Our Foundation is raising funds to digitized over 100 years of archived documents from Handy Brothers Music Company, America's Oldest Entertainment Company founded in Memphis Tennessee in 1912. The original catalogue still holds the copyright to St Louis Blues, Memphis Blues, Beale St Blues, and many other Spirituals and pop songs.