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Coffee Drink Types: A Complete List of Every Coffee in the World

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Coffee Drink Types

As a coffee lover, you also understand how deep its attraction is. However, we usually only know a few popular types of coffee, and the world map of coffee is very diverse. Each type of coffee will have its own characteristics, let’s find out all coffee drink types with FriedOkra.

Different types of coffee beans


Arabica is the most popular type of coffee. Depending on who you ask, many coffee enthusiasts prefer to use Arabica beans due to their flavor. Arabica beans are often used for black coffee. They have a sweeter, more complex flavor that you can drink straight. The funny thing is it doesn’t have as much caffeine as Robusta even though it’s the most popular.


While Arabica is the most popular variety, Robusta is cheaper and stronger. Because of its bitter taste, you often find Robusta used for espresso drinks and instant coffee blends. If your Monday morning is late, drink a cup of coffee that uses Robusta beans. Their high caffeine content will wake you up in no time!

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Coffee drink types: Black coffee

Simply put, without any milk, black coffee is a combination of water and coffee. Without any added flavors like honey, cream, and milk, you can serve it like that. The addition of these products changes the aroma and color of the coffee, turning it light brown or white.

You should know that there armany different ways to serve this coffee. This may seem simple, but each of them affects the flavor in different ways. Let’s take a closer look at the most notable black coffees.


Espresso is a famous Italian coffee. Through ground coffee beans, you make it by forcing high-pressure steam. You will get the final product with thick coffee with a foamy top. Due to its thickness and high caffeine content per unit, it is often the base for other coffee drinks such as the Americano.


Ristretto, Italian for short, is an espresso that is brewed just like regular espresso but with half the amount of water. As a result, the end product is a denser espresso with a slightly different flavor.


American coffee has an Italian term, which is Caffè Americano. It is believed that the name comes from American soldiers in Italy during World War II, who used the water to distribute the scarce amount of espresso at the time.

The basis of the Americano is espresso. A larger amount of hot water is poured over it to make the espresso weaker, turning a small espresso into a large cup of coffee.

Long Black

Long Black has a stronger flavor than the Americano. You make it by pouring two glasses of ristretto or espresso into a smaller amount of water, which enhances the flavor.


Doppio is a double espresso, the word means “double” in English. It passes through the gate filter by a double-tap. Today, the doppio is often considered the standard espresso shot.

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Pour Over Coffee

Pouring coffee in is a technique that continuously refreshes the water around the ground coffee. It includes a filter, a “dropper” and freshly ground coffee. This process consists of three stages, each of which adds to the distinctive quality and flavor of the coffee. These include wetting, dissolution, and diffusion.

Coffee Drip

As the name suggestsdrip coffee involves dripping boiling water onto ground coffee. Before entering the pot, the water passes through the filter. It’s a slower process than making regular espresso. However, you will end up with a stronger coffee.

Batch Brew

The batch method is the most recent way to serve strong coffee. Instead of the old filter coffee machines, modern technology allows cafes to make higher quality filter coffee cheaply and easily.

Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is one of the simplest types of coffee to brew. Before stirring until it dissolves, simply pour the desired amount of hot water over the coffee powder or crystals. Instant coffee isn’t great but it can be used to make specialty drinks like Dalgona Coffee.

It has a longer shelf life than most other coffees and is very popular around the world. In the UK, for example, it still accounts for more than 70% of all coffee purchases. On the other hand, only 7% of Americans and only 1% of French buy it regularly.

All coffee drink types in the world

All coffee drink types in the world

Coffee drink types: Milk-based coffee

Although many people choose one of the black varieties, adding milk to your coffee can create a distinctive aroma. In addition, baristas enjoy latte by using frothed milk so they decorate their coffee in beautiful ways.

Milk coffee also contains lower concentrations of caffeine and acids, making it the best coffee for the evening. Similar to black, the milk-based variety also includes a variety of coffees.

Flat White

Flat white is a popular latte that consists of espresso with a lower amount of steamed milk. While milk plays a supporting role, the espresso flavor still dominates the aroma. However, it is not the same as white coffee (which is a coffee bean originating from Yemen.)


Cappuccino also includes espresso and milk. However, there are two types of milk. The drink contains 1/3 espresso, 1/3 frothed milk, and 1/3 steamed milk. You can serve it with ice, hot, with cream instead of milk, and in a variety of ways.


Caffè latte is different from cappuccino because it contains more milk, while cappuccino retains a stronger espresso flavor. However, a latte is not the same as a flat white, which is a common misconception. Flat whites have much less milk/foam froth.

Coffee Breve

Caffè breve, “breve” for short in Italian, is an American version of a latte consisting of 1/4 espresso, 1/2 steamed milk, and 1/2 foam.

It’s a bit thicker than a regular latte because the milk is slightly steamed to increase the foam volume. It is considered to be so rich that there is usually no need for added sugar or any other sweeteners. Most of the time, it is served as a dessert drink.

Piccolo Latte

Piccolo latte, or a small latte, is made by pouring warm milk over a shot of ristretto. Cafes usually serve it in a short 100ml latte, so it’s basically just a small latte.

Cataldo (Spanish) and Mezzo-Mezzo (Australia) are other names for this coffee. Since drinking two or three large lattes a day can be overwhelming, drinking a few smaller glasses of this caffeinated milk can be the perfect substitute.


Macchiato is a strong coffee with just a hint of milk. Of Italian origin (and can translate as stain or trace), arguably the common interpretation of the macchiato is an espresso with some milk. But depending on where you are in the world and what kind of cup you’re using, you might get something different.

Latte Macchiato

Latte macchiato means “dyed milk,” and this drink is basically a glass of milk that you “dye” by pouring espresso on top.

Although it is made and served differently, it has the same ingredients as caffè latte. The perfect latte macchiato comes in a tall glass and you can clearly see the layers of foam on top, the espresso in the middle, and the milk on the bottom.


Cortado is an even blend of espresso and steamed milk, with a flatter texture than a bubbly latte, cappuccino, and others.

It doesn’t have much foam and the coffee-to-milk ratio can be from 1:1 to 1:2. Traditionally, it comes in a unique glass with a metal wire handle and base. The capacity of the glass should be from 150ml to 200ml. It is very popular in Portugal, Latin America, and Spain.


Gibraltar is the most popular variant of Cortado coffee. It’s a hit coffee from San Francisco served in the famous ‘Gibraltar’ cups. It’s a bit colder than the typical Cortado with a thicker texture.

A typical Gibraltar is made by adding a cup of espresso and 85ml of milk to a heated ‘Gibraltar’ glass. However, the main drawback of Gibraltar is that the cup cannot maintain heat, so the coffee cools quite quickly. As such, you should drink quickly for the optimal experience.


A mochaccino is a different form of cafè latte (unlike what many people are surprised to believe). It consists of a double shot of espresso, frothed milk, and an additional flavor. The aroma usually comes from chocolate syrup or cocoa powder. If desired, you can add some cinnamon, whipped cream, or other toppings.

Mocha is like a creamy chocolate latte – great for coffee beginners as it’s often the go-to drink for coffee.

Coffee drink types: Iced and cold coffees

Iced coffee presents the perfect balance between a refreshing beverage and a light coffee aroma. You can do it in two different ways. One way is cold brewing for a different flavor, the other is brewing hot and then chilling with ice, cold milk, or even ice cream.

Cold Brew Coffee

You can make cold coffee easily. Just mix ground coffee with cold water, heat thoroughly, and refrigerate overnight. Then strain the mixture to remove any remaining coffee and serve however you like. One of the main characteristics of cold beer is its lower caffeine content.

Nitro Coffee

This is a unique cold-serve coffee that has a creamy, beer-like taste, especially since it’s usually served in a beer keg. The thickness comes from the nitrogen, which is infused into the coffee.

Japanese Iced Coffee

This coffee has a special brewing method. You mix it in hot water and then pour it over ice. The ice exposure helps to release all the flavors that would normally take hours to create.

Espresso Tonic

To make this refreshing drink, you should make two cups of espresso and let it cool. You then need to fill a 0.2l (approximately 6.7 fl oz) glass with ice, squeeze some lime juice, then slowly pour in the additional water and the espresso cup together.

Strange and unique coffee drink types

Strange and unique coffee drink types

Coffee drink types: Strange and unique coffees

The aforementioned coffees are the most popular, but they are mostly sourced from American and Italian cuisines and cafes. However, there are many other cultures that create unique and distinctive fragrances. Here are some of the most exotic and unique coffees in the world.

Turkish Coffee

To make the right Turkish coffee, you need finely ground coffee beans and a traditional Turkish pot called a cezve. Heat the water and sugar in a pot until boiling, then add the ground coffee inside. You can quickly reheat to achieve the desired porosity. It is not filtered, which means that the rest of the coffee grounds also end up in the cup.

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Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese coffee is usually dripped through a small Vietnamese metal filter. With sweetened milk, you can serve it cold or hot.

Egg coffee is also a Vietnamese drink when egg yolks are beaten until they become creamy, then added to coffee and sugar with condensed milk. There is also a Swedish variant of this drink that is prepared in a similar way but does not include milk.

Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak is probably not for everyone. It comes from the droppings of the Asian civet, a small viverrid that eats coffee cherries. The cherries ferment during digestion, and then farmer Kopi Luwak collects them. It is considered an exotic coffee with a hefty price tag. Kopi Luwak is one of many types of poop coffee.


Affogato is a specialty from Italy that consists of a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a glass with a splash of hot espresso poured on top. There are also drink versions with a bit of amaretto or some other alcoholic beverage added.

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee with hot coffee, whiskey, and sugar. For regular coffee, it is one of the most popular derivatives in the world.

FriedOkra hopes that you are aware of the variety of coffee around the world. What do you think about this article? Are there any other coffee drink types that have not been listed by us? Please let us know!

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