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Mary Ellen Angel, General Manager

Mary Ellen Angel coordinates all aspects of our bar service, including private events. Mary Ellen loves taking care of people and has been doing it professionally for 20 years. With her passion for philanthropy and attention to detail, she is the perfect fit for OKRA Charity Saloon and has been with us since July 2013. She prides herself on being people-oriented, enthusiastic and well-organized.



Karen Man, Administrative Director

Karen Man is known professionally as a baker and an entrepreneur. She graduated from The University of Texas in 2006 with a Bachelor in Economics. After a series of projects in corporate America, she received her certification in baking and pastry from The French Pastry School in Chicago. Since then, she has traveled extensively throughout the US, living and working on both coasts, and spent time staging in Europe. Returning to Houston gave Karen the opportunity to help open Oxheart and Public Services Wine & Whisky. Always wanting to play a more active role in her community, Karen enjoys being a part of the OKRA team. When she isn’t baking, Karen trains with her sister who is an ironman, hosts dinner parties, and travels to Scandinavia. In 2017, Karen self-published a book called The Art of Baking: Oxheart.

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