At OKRA Charity Saloon, witness the strength of Houston’s community and how these organizations make our city a healthier, happier, and more creative place to live. For each drink or food item purchased, guests receive one voting ticket that they may cast for one of four local 501(c)3 non-profit organizations. The charities must be based in the Greater Houston Area. The charity with the most votes at the end of the month receives the next month’s proceeds. We encourage you to take the time to learn more about the organizations that speak to you and find ways to get involved.

If you know someone or are part of an organization that would like to participate at OKRA, apply here.

TOTAL DONATION TO-DATE: $1,168,855.44.

This month, we raise money for Taste of Science.

Taste of Science is an attempt to address the gap between scientists and the general public. Every field of science has a direct impact on the lives of Houstonians, but they often are unware of the exciting research happening right on their doorsteps.



The Alley Theatre

Lights up on Education…. Alley Theatre’s Education and Community Engagement programs encourage creative expression and academic growth in not only theatre arts but also STEM, literacy, and Social Emotional Learning. Partners include HISD, Fort Bend ISD, Spring ISD, and a growing list of individual partner schools. Through student matinees, in-school residencies, theatre conservatories, professional development, and internship programs, the Alley enhances and invigorates the public-school curriculum, providing all youth and, especially, disadvantaged and at-risk youth with new opportunities for self-expression, understanding, and development.

As October is Anti-Bullying Month, we’re highlighting one of our largest impacting programs in the schools, the play OSKAR and the Big Bully Battle. Running now through November 9, OSKAR provides youth with a fun, vibrant experience while promoting anti-bullying behaviors. Last season, OSKAR was seen by over 55,700 students in 82 area schools.

Help us serve even more students with this much-needed production and support all of the Alley’s Education and Community Engagement programs.

Kids in Need of Defense

Since 2014, more than 240,000 unaccompanied immigrant and refugee children have arrived to the United States fleeing violence in their home countries. More than 60% of them have no one to represent them in their deportation proceedings. This is where KIND steps in. We are the leading national organization dedicated to ensuring that no child ever has to stand in immigration court alone. In partnership with 553 law firms and corporations, KIND has served over 16,600 children since 2009.

The Houston Walk for Mental Health Awareness

The Walk for Mental Health Awareness – Houston is a community-based event that helps raise awareness and funding for Greater Houston area non-profit agencies and programs that provide mental health services; creating an environment for our positive public dialogue. The Walk has raised over $160,000 for a variety of local mental health providers that exist solely to address the enormous needs of those affected by mental illness. And since 1 in 4 people are among those who suffer with mental issues ranging from depression to paranoia schizophrenia, improved mental health services is vital to the success of a vibrant community as a whole. The physical, mental and emotional suffering takes the joy out of life, and has the potential to have life-long problems if left untreated. There is help and there is hope, but help is only received by knowing of places to get help. The Walk for Mental Health Awareness–Houston is a celebration of the hope of life after mental illness and a call to action by people in our community.

Theragood Deeds

TheraGood Deeds is a nonprofit organization that provides mentoring, counseling and outreach opportunities to encourage a positive impact on youth also known as Future Achievers. TheraGood Deeds rely on the support of volunteers, grantors, and corporations interested in providing life improvements to families and communities.

Since the inception in 2010, TheraGood Deeds has grown from a one on one mentoring program to having ongoing opportunities for the Future Achievers to experience outreach opportunities and personal development. Future Achievers are taught that a good deed is defined as an act of kindness, accommodation, generosity, or charity, performed with the simple intention of being helpful to others. Future Achievers are challenged to always think positively and perform Good Deeds not only for themselves, but for society as a whole. They are also encouraged to set short- and long-term goals by identifying and accomplishing their aspirations.