At OKRA Charity Saloon, witness the strength of Houston’s community and how these organizations make our city a healthier, happier, and more creative place to live. For each drink or food item purchased, guests receive one voting ticket that they may cast for one of four local 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. The charities must be based in the Greater Houston Area. The charity with the most votes at the end of the month receives the next month’s proceeds. We encourage you to take the time to learn more about the organizations that speak to you and find ways to get involved.

If you know someone or are part of an organization that would like to participate at OKRA, apply here.

TOTAL DONATION TO-DATE: $1,243,626.64.

This month, we raise money for STEM Bridges Houston.

STEM Bridges Houston is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to expand access to STEM and higher education opportunities for underserved populations in the Houston community by offering free comprehensive college planning services and fundamental academic and social opportunities. We offer leadership retreats, college tours, as well as community outreach and engagement for elementary and middle schools. The goal is for students to excel in their precollege performance, provide the tools to ensure they excel in their STEM degrees, and ultimately cultivate the next generation of STEM leaders.


Access Justice Houston

Access Justice Houston is a non-profit dedicated to expanding legal services in Houston and the surrounding area. In Houston, 72% of litigants are unable to afford an attorney, yet legal aid in Texas are woefully underfunded. We serve modest means clients, providing legal services on a reduced fee based on their ability to pay. We help Houstonians through some of their toughest moments. Whether it’s a divorce, custody issues, domestic violence, criminal charges and much more. AJH helps reduce the financial burden of protecting your family’s rights, because everyone should have the right to an attorney.

Amnesty International Houston

We are the Houston chapter of Amnesty International USA (AI-USA). We are known as AI23, or Amnesty International Houston. Amnesty International (AI) comprises people from across the world standing up for humanity and human rights. Our purpose is to protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied. We investigate and expose abuses, educate and mobilize the public, and help transform societies to create a safer, more just world. With more than 2.2 million supporters, activists and volunteers in over 150 countries, and complete independence from government, corporate or national interests, we work to protect human rights worldwide. Our vision is of a world in which every person – regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity – enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards.

Houston BCycle

Since our launch in 2012 with just 18 bikes and 3 stations, Houston BCycle has grown into a highly used, 635-bike, 90-station bike share program. Operated by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit–Houston Bike Share–our mission is to provide equitable access to bike share that fosters recreation, mobility and personal wellness. We envision a Houston where everyone has access to a bike for work, play and transportation.

YWCA Houston

Established in 1907 as a voice for women’s issues, the Young Women Christian Association of Houston (YWCA of Houston) is one of the oldest and largest women’s organizations in the nation. The YWCA of Houston’s primary focus is on women’s needs and issues. Throughout our history, the YWCA of Houston has been in the forefront of most major movements in the United States, as a pioneer in race relations, labor union representation and the empowerment of women.