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How to Make Coffee While Camping: 6 Favorite Ways You Should Try One Time

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How to Make Coffee While Camping

Sipping coffee in the fresh air of nature is an interesting experience. But you don’t know how to make coffee while camping? Don’t worry! We present to you the 6 most simple and stylish ways to do it including instant coffee, cowboy coffee, Percolator, Macgyver coffee, French press, and coffee bags.

How to Make Coffee While Camping

The method to make coffee when camping is very simple and fast.

First, you need to prepare a pot, water, and stove. Next, you pour about six to seven cups of water into the pot to bring the water to a boil. You can use a campfire to accomplish this.

Then you take out the pot and add two handfuls of freshly ground coffee to the pot. Next, you need to cover the pot and wait for a few minutes. Finally, you add a small amount of cold water.

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What are the Basic Rules for Making Coffee While Camping?

To make better coffee while camping, you need to follow three basic principles: using high-quality coffee, using whole beans, and grinding immediately before consumption. 

And the most important rule is that you do not boil coffee when camping. Specifically as follows:

Use quality coffee

Use quality coffee

Use quality coffee (1)

Surely everyone knows there is an adage like this. Indeed, if you use high-quality coffee, it will be the foundation for a good cup of coffee

You don’t need to worry about the price of coffee when camping. Because homemade coffee is always very cheap and never as expensive as drive-in coffee.

Use whole beans and grind before consuming

Coffee flavor is very easy to change when exposed to air. So using whole beans will keep the coffee flavor longer.

Do not boil water to make coffee

If you use boiled water, your coffee will probably ‘burn’ and smell burnt. So it’s best to brew coffee at a temperature between 200 and 205 degrees F.

6 Best Ways to Make Coffee While Camping

Instant coffee

Camping Instant coffee

Camping Instant coffee (2)

Instant coffee packets are always a great choice during your camping trip. Because they are very easy to store and the preparation is also very quick and easy. 

What you need to prepare is a glass of water and a packet of instant coffee. Alternatively, you can dissolve dry ground coffee with both hot and cold baking. This has made your camping trip more convenient than ever.

You will need to boil water on a camp stove or use a campfire. Then pour the right amount of water into the cup and add a teaspoon or two instant coffee. 

Finally, you just need to stir well and make sure all the coffee beans are completely dissolved. That way, you will get a good cup of coffee when camping.

And you may not even need to lift a finger when mixing coffee with cold water. Maybe because of a hobby or camping conditions without hot water, this is an effective workaround. 

You just need to use normal filtered water and stir the appropriate amount of coffee. Thus, very soon, you will have a cup of coffee that doesn’t taste bad.

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Cowboy coffee

You want to become more in tune with nature, or this picnic lasts for weeks. Meanwhile, your backpack does not have too many items as well as furniture. Then try making coffee in the style of cowboy coffee.

Cowboy coffee is known as one of the simplest ways to make coffee for a camping trip with a lack of ingredients. The only tool you will need is a kettle or anything that can heat water. And, of course, you’ll need your favorite coffee, too.

To make cowboy-style coffee, you first need to heat the water. Then you let the water stop boiling. In the step, you will wait about 30-40 seconds. We recommend stirring about 2 teaspoons per serving.

Besides, many people are quite interested in this way of making coffee. Because when the pulp meets hot water, there will be pleasant sizzling sounds. You can even see a little foam rise for a nice effect.

For a great cowboy experience, it’s best to let the drink rest for about 2 minutes. Then stir again and let the residue settle to the bottom. Finally, you should pour the coffee into the cup slowly to avoid any grit.


You can also experience camping with other ways of making coffee. For example, Percolator is not a bad suggestion. This way, you don’t need too many accessories. You should bring your favorite coffee, water, and percolator.

You may not be familiar with this way of making coffee at first. But trust me, it’s amazing. When the water is hot, the pressure increases, the steam pushes through the tube and the coffee. 

They will then go back into the kettle. The eject-back cycle continues until most of the filter coffee is out of the grounds.

Even if you don’t have a good aesthetic eye, sipping a nice cup of coffee in the middle of a natural setting will improve your mood. With the coloring set on the heat source, you can decorate your coffee cup easily.

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Macgyver coffee

If you are a patient person, why not try making coffee this way? To make camping coffee using this trick, you’ll need an elastic band and some cotton.

First, place your cloth or filter over the cup’s rim and remember that you need to fold it over your cup. Hold the fabric in one hand and hold the material about 1 inch down with the other. 

So you have created something like a small bowl. Then you just need to wrap the elastic to fix it and then put 2 more teaspoons on the filter.

Next, you need boiled water that has cooled down for about 30 seconds. Use this hot water to soak the coffee grounds until the coffee is fully hydrated. 

Finally, you just need to slowly pour water over the grounds until the coffee cup is full. This is the last step but also the most important step. Because if you pour it too quickly, the coffee will spill out of the filter.

French press

If you want to enjoy coffee with a bit of French romance, you should not ignore this camping method. To make French press coffee, you need a French press. This machine is made of copper and glass, so it looks very luxurious.

The implementation method is not too complicated. First, you need to get a sufficient amount of water into the press for the coffee to expand for about 1 minute. Then add water to steep the coffee. 

Remember, the longer you steep, the stronger your coffee will be. So wait patiently for a good cup of French-style coffee. 

Alternatively, you can add a tablespoon of ground beans per serving to enhance the flavor of your camping coffee.

Next, push the plunger down. In the end, all that’s left to do is pour the brewed water into the cup and start enjoying the full flavor of the coffee.

Coffee bags

We’re undeniably not the best option when traveling with a French tractor. Especially for long distances, carrying bulky items will only make you more tired. 

At times like these, individual coffee bags are the best option for saving backpack space.

All you need is a paper coffee filter with your favorite coffee. Moreover, these items are very easy to find, even if they are all in your house. 

As soon as you’re ready, simply sip the coffee bag in hot water to let the coffee melt. After about 5 minutes, you can immediately enjoy a cup of coffee during the camping session.


How to make iced coffee while camping?

Instead of drinking hot coffee, many people prefer iced coffee. So what to do to be able to enjoy iced coffee while camping? Very simple, you just need to prepare and bring ice or use an iced coffee machine.

How to make coffee without a campfire?

Obviously, no matter which way you do it, the campfire has become almost necessary for making coffee. 

So in the absence of a campfire, you should invest in a quality camping stove. A small gas stove, an electric fireplace is a good suggestion for a camping trip.

What can be done to dispose of coffee grounds while traveling?

There is a rule when going camping that almost everyone must know. It is leaving no trace of you, including coffee grounds. So if there is a trash can nearby, it’s great. You just need to put the coffee grounds in it. 

However, it is best to prepare a bag or box that can decompose quickly in the soil in the opposite cases. You can brew coffee grounds in it and bury them in the background. 

This is a way to handle coffee grounds when traveling, which many people apply. At the same time, it also has little environmental pollution at the best level.


Camping will become more interesting than ever if there is a cup of coffee to relieve stress and fatigue. Hopefully, with the sharing of coffee-making tips, you will have the answer to how to make coffee while camping.

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