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How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee You Should Know

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How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Talking about coffee, some people consider it a simple drink, but for many people, it is an endless passion. For coffee lovers, they will do everything to enjoy the perfect coffee taste. Coffee with them is not simply brewed to drink, it is also an art. If you also want to know how to make the perfect cup of coffee, read the article below! We will share with you the best coffee brewing methods!

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee You Should Know

How to make the perfect cup of coffee?

Coffee is a great drink and has been around for a long time. There are many different ways to make coffee, as well as many different tools for making coffee. Each country, each continent will have its own ways to enjoy the coffee flavor they want. 

In this article, we will share with you, 3 ways to make the perfect cup of coffee. These coffee-making methods are all very simple to make. However, you need to keep a few things in mind to get the best final cup of coffee!

How to make the perfect cup of coffee with French Press

There are many reasons why the French Press coffee maker has become a famous and extremely popular preparation tool in the world. There is a very simple beauty in this pot, but the quality of the coffee is unforgettable. I think you’ll probably like it too if you have used it once. 

French Press is essentially a preparation tool by the method of soaking

French Press is essentially a preparation tool by the method of soaking

When you start brewing, you will feel the aroma of freshly ground coffee and the sweet aroma as you begin to pour hot water into the French Press. You can see the coffee swirling through the glass as you push the plunger down. And when you sip a cup of freshly brewed coffee by the window or on the sofa, you will be mesmerized by the light, bright coffee aroma. 

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As a professional coffee maker, using French Press is extremely simple. It can be said that it is one of the simplest coffee makers. in the world. But give you a cup of fresh natural coffee. Perfect for making coffee at home. 

French Press is essentially a preparation tool by the method of soaking. Simply coffee powder is completely soaked in water for a certain amount of time. At the end of the steeping time, the coffee is filtered through a layer of filter to extract the coffee and retain the coffee grounds. 

All French Press Brewers have the same basic structure, including:

  • 1 round cylindrical body, mostly tempered glass
  • 1 cover with piston connecting rod
  • 1 piston with a round filter with mesh structure made of stainless metal Kim

By mixing hot water with the coffee powder in the pot for 3 phút to 4 minutes, compress the plunger to press the coffee grounds. And pour the coffee into the cup and you’re done with the coffee-making process. 


  • French Press pitcher
  • Coffee grinder
  • Scales Electronics
  • Thermometer
  • Timer (can use your phone)
  • Coffee beans
  • Hot water

Implementation steps:

  • Measure 600ml of water and boil
  • 40g coffee (according to the ratio of 1 coffee 15ml water. You can try different proportions to find out what you really like)

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Step 1:  Boil the water and wait for about 1 minute for the temperature to drop to about 92 degrees. Rinse the French Press until hot. This step will make the water temperature not drop too much when pouring into the jar. 

Step 2: Grind the coffee thôrough, visible beveled edges on the surface of the beans. The size is similar to the size of white sugar granules. 

Coffee brewed with a French Press should be coarsely ground, not too finely ground. If you grind too fine, when pushing the piston, it will easily cause the powder to be mixed into the final coffee.

You should not buy pre-ground coffee because coffee can only be brewed well before 30 minutes after grinding. You should buy coffee beans and store them carefully, when needed, they will grind and mix them. That way the coffee will be delicious and suitable for your brewing style. 

Step 3: Pour 40g of coffee into the pot, measure the water temperature to about 92 degrees, then slowly pour about 100ml of water for the coffee to bloom evenly for about 30 seconds. Pour the remaining 500ml of hot water into the jar. Leave it on for 1 minute

Step 4: Gently compress the plunger so that the filter is submerged about 1cm under the water. This causes the coffee to sink completely

Step 5: After 4 minutes, slowly press the plunger down until the coffee is compacted to the bottom of the pot

Step 6: Pour coffee into cups and enjoy with friends

The balance in coffee flavor is determined by many factors. If there is one factor that is overlooked (like the grind size of the coffee beans) that can affect the final flavor, making the coffee less than perfect. 

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How to make the perfect cup of coffee with Pour Over

Especially in the way of pouring Pour Over

Especially in the way of pouring Pour Over, it must be the best coffee

Pour Over coffee is increasingly popular in the world. This way of making coffee is not only enjoyed by coffee connoisseurs at home but also served by professional baristas at specialty coffee shops.

Many people love this way of making coffee because the brewer can easily customize the factors that affect the quality of the coffee, create their own coffee taste, or highlight the uniqueness of a coffee.

Pour Over coffee is a simple, effective way of making coffee that uses the drip method through filter paper. This method is also known as making coffee with a funnel and filter paper.

Especially in the way of pouring Pour Over, it must be the best coffee, the best flavor to use. Because of this brewing method, the coffee water will give the most accurate aroma and taste to the quality of coffee, so if the coffee is bad, the taste will be very bad when mixed, difficult to drink. 

Coffee after brewing will have a mildly sour taste, less bitter, slightly acrid. When you drink it, you will feel the aroma and sweet taste. 


  • 20g coffee
  • 400ml water: Use clean, pure water, the water temperature is only at ~ 85-90, the temperature should not be too high like other brewing methods. 


  • 01 funnel – usually conical, or can be flat like the bottom of a boat
  • 01 filter – filter paper – to keep the coffee powder
  • Hot water kettle with small spout for precise pouring speed control
  • Electronic gram scale to control the coffee/water ratio
  • Dispensing time control paper stopwatch (phone clock)

How to Make: 

Step 1: Grind the coffee beans coarsely (Coarse level) then weigh the exact amount of coffee needed. Errors in the roasting process, the less measured, the better the coffee taste

Step 2: Place the funnel on the coffee container, fold the filter paper and place it in the funnel.

Step 3: Bring the water to a boil and then pour a little in advance to let the water absorb the filter paper evenly. 

Step 4: After the filter paper has absorbed the water evenly, add the coffee, gently shake it with your hands to spread the coffee evenly. 

Step 5: Pour boiling water gently into the center of the mixing funnel and then slowly circle from the inside to the outside. Note only pour water on the coffee part, not on the filter paper. 

The amount of boiling water in the filter doubles the amount of coffee, for example, if using 20g of coffee, use 40g of water. After adding water, wait for about 30 seconds to see the coffee expand. 

Step 6: When the coffee blooms evenly, continue pouring boiling water in from the outside to the inside according to the formula:

Amount of coffee to brew = Amount of coffee powder x 15 times the standard amount of water. 

If you want stronger or lighter coffee, increase or decrease the amount of water in the ratio 1/13, 1/15, 1/17. 

A small spout dispenser makes it easy to control the amount of water pouring

Step 7: Wait for the coffee to flow down and then enjoy. 

With the Pour Over method, the coffee is roasted at a light level. Therefore, there is still a lot of acids. The water is not too hot, so the coffee drink will have a more sour taste of fruit, less bitter, a bit acrid, maybe sweet… All kinds of smells depending on thtype of coffee, basically drink almost like tea. Very low caffeine content, high natural acid, few impurities should drink Pour-Over lightly. It is used for refreshment and enjoyment as the main, healthier way of making Syphon, Espresso…

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How to make the perfect cup of coffee with AeroPress

Coffee powder is completely unmixed with coffee water after brewing

Coffee powder is completely unmixed with coffee water after brewing

AeroPress is a simple pot that has both a filter and a filter paper to help the coffee after brewing is clearer and not mixed with coffee grounds. AeroPress was first born in 2015 under the research hand of engineer Alan Adler (Stanford University, USA). He shared that the purpose of AeroPress research is to create a balanced brewing device, coffee powder is completely unmixed with coffee water after brewing. 

AeroPress is classified in the group of Manual Brew coffee machines along with Pour Over, Drip Over. When making coffee with the AeroPress pot, you can completely adjust the taste of coffee after brewing by changing the coffee fineness, brewing time, temperature, water ratio, etc. It is these subtle changes that make the brewed coffee taste different. 


  • The coffee
  • Coffee grinder
  • Country
  • Warm pouring
  • Electronic scales

A set of AeroPress flasks includes: Stirring spoon, spoon, mixing tube, piston, filter membrane, filter paper

How to make:

Step 1: Roast the coffee at a Medium level. 

Step 2: Grind freshly roasted coffee at a Fine level. 

Step 3: Wash the brewing equipment with boiling water. 

Step 4: Put the filter paper in the filter and then rinse with a layer of boiling water to absorb evenly. Use a bottle with a small spout to pour water evenly on the filter paper

Step 5: Insert the Piston into the brew pipe, then add the coffee. 

Step 6: Pour hot water 90 degrees Celsius into the brewing tube so that the water just covers the coffee. Soak the coffee for about 30 seconds for the coffee to bloom evenly. 

Step 7: After 30 seconds, continue to add water to the brew tube according to the ratio of coffee and water is 1:10. 

Step 8: Use the stirrer in the kit to stir the coffee for about 10 seconds. 

Step 9: Install the filter and place the beaker on the top of the AeroPress coffee maker then quickly turn it upside down 180 degrees. The AeroPress bottle flipping operation needs to happen quickly and accurately. 

Step 10: Press the piston vertically and evenly so that the hand force pushes the coffee water flowing through the filter into the glass. 

After the coffee is completely drained into the glass, you can enjoy it right away or use the freshly prepared coffee to make a variety of dishes. If you choose pure coffee, properly roasted and ground, after brewing, the coffee will have a brown color, pleasant aroma, and especially no sediment.

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Tips to have a perfect cup of coffee

Make sure you are using a source of clean water. Water that is too hot or too cold is not good for coffee. Too much water or too little calcium ruins the taste of coffee. Perhaps you should use water that has gone through a nano filter or a filter with added minerals. 

In short, use water that when you drink it you feel good and clean. Boiling water is the cause of dissolving the compounds in the coffee, creating the flavor, so brew coffee at a temperature of 92-100 degrees Celsius (depending on the method and type of coffee). 

    The ratio of water and coffee: Do not rely too much on the golden ratio, but instead, you should adjust for yourself a way of making coffee as desired. If possible, buy yourself an electronic scale for the most convenient measurement

    Choose fresh coffee: Coffee after roasting is only fresh for a period of 2 weeks. If you grind coffee roasted for more than 2 weeks, the result will be very bad. When then, the aroma of coffee evaporated, the acid and organic structure in the coffee decomposed. You will have a cup of coffee with a stale, stale, unpleasant taste and cannot be separated from the taste in coffee anymore. That’s why I always buy or roast a cup of coffee myself for 2 weeks of use. About 500g for 1 purchase, or 250g for drinking slightly less. 

    Should grind coffee before brewing: For coffee grounds, the rate of decomposition takes place 650 times faster. That is, you only have 30 minutes to brew after you have finished grinding the coffee. So remember don’t buy pre-ground coffee. Grind your coffee to a size that suits your brewing style. Each brewing method and equipment requires a different coffee size. Keep this in mind for more perfect cups of coffee!

    Clean tools before making coffee: For the best taste of coffee! You should remove excess residue from previous coffee making.


Coffee is a wonderful drink with many different artistic ways. To be able to make a good cup of coffee, you need to pay attention to many good factors. If you are a coffee lover you will enjoy the process. We have shared with you how to make the perfect cup of coffee in this article. Hope it helps you have more delicious cups of coffee!