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Top Youtube Channel For Coffee Lover That Best Worth Your Time

When it comes to finding the top youtube channel for coffee lover, you should make sure you get one that fits your specific needs. To make it easier for you, we’ve done the work of putting together the top 15 top youtube channel for coffee lover. You can get more information on how they can be of help to you below.

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Top Youtube Channel for Coffee Lover

Nowadays, coffee is a very familiar drink. More and more people are passionate about making coffee, and they want to learn from people who share the same passion. 

Along with that, nowadays many channels make coffee. Here are the top 6 youtube channels for coffee lovers that you should refer to.

Top Youtube Channel for Coffee Lover in 2021

  • Tim Wendelboe 
  • Coffeefusion
  • James Hoffmann
  • Seven Miles Coffee Roasters
  • Coffee with Sean
  • European Coffee Trip

1. Tim Wendelboe 

Tim Wendelboe channel

Tim Wendelboe channel

About Tim Wendelboe

Tim is also a bartender. With his talent, he is now able to build his coffee shop. The strength of the shop is roasted and ground espresso. Each cup of coffee retains its inherent aromatic flavor and impressive distinction.

His knowledge of coffee is huge. Not stopping there, he also opened a class to teach about coffee for people with the same passion. 

To help people learn about coffee more conveniently. He decided to set up a YouTube channel called Tim Wendelboe to share his knowledge and experience.

Youtube Channel

Tim Wendelboe’s Youtube channel was founded and operated by Tim for a long time. The first videos were 6 years ago. 

Currently, the track has more than 18,700 subscribers with 85 videos. With his rich experience, Tim shares a lot of knowledge about coffee and collects many views. His most viewed video has over 133 thousand pictures. A very impressive number and quite high for the coffee sector.

These videos provide a steady stream of content. Almost every month, he updates new videos. The video length is quite short, which is suitable for watching during breaks.


His most frequent videos are coffee review sessions with his friends every month. They discuss the taste of coffee. 

Besides, there’re a number of other contents such as coffee machine reviews, coffee-making instructions… Not only that, but he also provides recipes as well as very dedicated instructions. 

So if you are looking for the besspecialty coffee to drink. Or learning about coffees, Tim’s channel would be a great place to start. You can learn in detail via the youtube channel link

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2. Coffeefusion

Coffeefusion Channel

Coffeefusion Channel

About Gary Sawyer

Gary Sawyer, a coffee enthusiast, founded this channel. His passion for coffee led him to learn about the field. Gary has over 10 years of coffee experience. I must say he has a great deal of knowledge about coffee.

Currently, he is spreading what he learned and all his experiences to everyone through the Coffee Fusion channel. His talent is clearly shown through videos sharing how to decorate beautiful coffee cups.

Features of Coffeefusion

Coffee Fusion is a YouTube channel that teaches people how to make better coffee at home. 

With more than 57.3 thousand subscribers, it shows that the things Gary shares are very quality. Besides, during 9 years of building a Youtube channel. He owns a fairly large number of videos, up to 278 videos.

In every video, we see art in it. In addition, the duration is only about 4-5 minutes, which is very suitable for many people. Especially people who don’t have much time.


His channel has a lot of content. It all includes various latte art, a beginner’s guide to brewing, and reviews of coffee machines. If you’d like to learn how to shape and mix, this channel is a good choice.

In particular, the most characteristic is still the videos of decorating extremely eye-catching latte glasses. Each video will have a different way of shaping, bringing a lot of new things. If you need to relieve stress, you should not ignore Coffee Fusion Chennal link.

3. James Hoffmann

About James Hoffmann

People often call James Hoffman the most popular coffee YouTuber in the world. Definitely for a coffee lover. Or regularly watch coffee videos, they will not be far from the name James Hoffmann. 

Not only is he proficient in coffee, but he is also an expert in coffee machines.

James experienced and exposed many different types of coffee machines. We often see in the channel and he uses many different kinds of devices. 

Channel James Hoffmann

Although the channel has only been established for about 4 years and has 259 videos. But at the moment, the James Hoffmann channel has more than 902 thousand subscribers. This is a very respectable achievement.

In addition to the content on coffee decoration, he also develops topics such as coffee reviews, coffee machine reviews. In particular, James offers a lot of coffee recipes that you may have never heard of. 

What’s more, he shared more about the comments focused on coffees from many places.

Some say he went overboard with the coffee content. But for those who are passionate about deep learning. James’s channel is the best choice. 

Thanks to the sharp and clear editing, his calm voice makes us feel very comfortable watching the video. From the content to the appearance of the video, everything is great. So the numbers he collected are extremely worthy.

4. Seven Miles Coffee Roasters

Seven Miles

Seven Miles

Channel overview

Continuing to be a channel not to be missed, it’s Seven Miles Coffee Roasters. With a long existence, the track now has more than 96.5 thousand subscribers.

However, the number of videos is not much. But each of his videos has quite a high number of views. 

Normally, Miles produces 1-2 videos per month on average. Each video always ensures the quality factor of content.


Seven Miles is also a great channel for coffee lovers. With a large content network, the track will provide you with a lot of interesting knowledge. The content and duration are perfect for your viewing pleasure.

This channel doesn’t just have great tutorials on how to make latte art. In addition, Miles also focuses on other concocting content such as making a great cold beer. 

What’s more, the channel has more in-depth knowledge videos. Such as the main trends of the coffee industry. While their current video library is quite limited, it will certainly grow in the future.


If you want to learn the basics of brewing for free, you should choose Seven Miles Coffee Roasters. Or, for bartenders who wish to improve their skills, do not ignore this channel. This is the youtube channel link of Seven Miles Coffee Roasters.

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5. Coffee with Sean

Special features of Coffee with Sean

Have you ever dreamed of working on a cruise ship? Grab your cup and sit down with ‘Coffee with Sean.’ The special feature of this channel is the stories and confessions over a cup of coffee. 

Each video will be a different story about cruise ships. Of course, the video will not be without the presence of a coffee cup, which is an entertainment channel, not a knowledge-sharing channel.

Channel content

Although the video does not share much about the knowledge of coffee. But Coffee with Sean still attracts viewers with its own story. Those real stories he experienced and encountered.

In most of the videos, he does sit down with his java. With a cup of coffee in hand, he told all about his life on the cruise ship. 

The channel is very suitable for people who both drink coffee and like to watch something. 

Anyway, having a companion to drink coffee and chat with will be better.

He presents why you should look for work on a cruise ship to avoid on ​​the boat. All the fun of traveling. All in all, this is a fun youtube channel to watch.

6. European Coffee Trip

Unique features of European Coffee Trip

Finally, there is European Coffee Trip, a channel that you cannot ignore. Channel that two boys founded. 

Currently, there are 270 videos and more than 135 thousand subscribers. In terms of topic and content, this channel is very special on this list.

The main feature is the actual videos. Accordingly, two people choose to both travel and learn about coffee. 

The channel is very suitable for travel and coffee lovers. True to the name European Coffee Trip, you will visit Europe and learn about European coffee.

Channel content

Coming to the European Coffee Trip, you can enjoy many different techniques from all over Europe. There is nothing better than traveling while learning about your passion. Especially the experience.

This is what the two guys did on the European Coffee Trip. These two men love to travel and drink coffee. They spent three years traveling Europe in search of the best java. 

They visited factories that made espresso machines and grinders. Like various restaurants and cafes all over the street, this is an interesting youtube channel for adventurers. 

In addition, you can learn about European culture and many other interesting things.


In general, each channel has its unique characteristics. Depending on your preferences and needs, you will give yourself options. Hope this article can provide you with the media you are looking for. 

Thanks for reading!