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What Color Gray Is Best For Kitchen Cabinets? 13 Models You’d Love

There are various paint colors available on the market for kitchen furniture. With so many hues available on the market, householders may find it challenging to select the correct tint. However, we propose that you go with the gray color because it is a highly suggested alternative that provides a mix of dark and light shades. So, what color gray is best for kitchen cabinets? Gray kitchen cabinets elevate the aesthetic of your kitchenette's decor. To assist you in overcoming your perplexity, we've developed a list of ideal shades.

What Color Gray Is Best For Kitchen Cabinets?

What Color Gray Is Best For Kitchen Cabinets

Gray kitchen cabinets have been increasingly trendy in recent years, but do you know why? This color is a lovely mix of warm and neutral tones that gives owners the best of all worlds.

It also adds vibrancy and a feeling of cleanliness to a kitchen environment. It is a hue that goes nicely with various tile backsplashes and almost any kitchen gadget color.

Depending on the shade used, it may appear to complement a wide range of hues. As a result, it is a flexible hue!

Do not get us wrong: a large percentage of homeowners connect gray with dullness and boredom. However, if you want a stylish kitchenette that will last a long time, this color is the way to go.

A stylish and contemporary corner of a home

A stylish and contemporary corner of a home (Source: Flickr)

1. Sherwin Williams Pure White

This Pure White paint is a stunning white color in general. Why is this specific white that makes it so popular for kitchen cupboards? It is because Pure White has the correct undertone balance.

Many whites have a solid yellow or blue undertone, making them cooler or warmer. On the other hand, Pure White is smack dab in the middle, not going one way or another. It is, without a doubt, a beautiful white cupboard hue.

2. Sherwin Williams Simply White

On this list, we have yet another famous white cupboard paint color. You probably guessed when we said white paint colors were at the top of the list.

Simply White by Sherwin Williams is a warming white with a hint of yellow. It is a fantastic upgrade choice for kitchens with warmer tones.

3. Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

Iron and white combination

Iron and white combination (source: treehouse)

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray entered the popular list to no one's surprise. This one isn't surprising since many people opt for it on their household furniture! Moreover, our favorite gray color is Repose Gray.

This one is the greatest Sherwin Williams paint for cabinets because it has considerable depth, which works nicely. Repose is a medium tone that is not too bright or too dark.

4. Sherwin Williams Alpaca

If you go for warm shades, you will fall in love with this paint color. Alpaca is a warmer taupe paint color from Sherwin Williams. It is a little hotter than the Repose Gray.

Because it is a warm taupe-ish tone, we believe Alpaca is a popular household cabinet paint shade.

Taupe shades with pink undertones go nicely with permanent components like tiles. Alpaca's somewhat loutish appearance makes it an excellent choice for kitchenette cabinetry.

5. Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Kitchenette cupboards in dark colors are making a big comeback. You can see they're all over the place.

There is no surprise when Sherwin Williams' Iron Ore earned the most popular list since it is a popular cabinet color since it is dark and brooding without being completely black.

6. Sherwin Williams Peppercorn

A sense of cleanliness

A sense of cleanliness (Source)

Sherwin-Williams is a paint company where Peppercorn is a gorgeous dark gray succession. Peppercorn is a dark solid color, similar to Iron Ore, but grayer and lighter. For kitchen cupboards, Williams Peppercorn is a terrific choice.

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7. Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

If you want a genuine white, Chantilly Lace is the ideal Benjamin Moore classic white paint for cabinet doors. With this stunning Benjamin Moore white, your kitchenette will get the most of its beauty.

Chantilly Lace is a beautiful white shade, a popular choice among homeowners and designers. It is no surprise that it's among the most often used cabinet hues.

8. Benjamin Moore Water’s Edge

We are delighted to see Benjamin Moore again, and most of the popular lists will include Water's Edge. Why are they so popular? Since blue cabinets in the kitchenette are so lovely!

These cabinets with this color make a powerful statement without being overpowering. Water's Edge is a beautiful blue-gray hue for kitchen cabinets.

Moreover, blue-gray paint hues are more balanced than straight-up blues, making them simpler to work.

9. Benjamin Moore Blue Note

Light-tone cupboard

Light-tone cupboard (Source: Flickr)

Another excellent kitchen cupboard paint color is Blue Note from Benjamin Moore. It is not just a deeper blue, but one of the most popular. This paint is a striking hue that will stand out in your home.

This paint color will stand out whether you put it on all of your cabinets or just as an emphasis on your kitchenette island. To fulfill the kitchen's aesthetic, match it with brass cabinet handles.

10. Benjamin Moore White Dove

White Dove is another lovely off-white paint hue to add to this list of popular choices. Moreover, White Dove is one of the most incredible white paints for home cabinets from the famous Benjamin brand.

It is not a dazzling, blinding white like SW Alabaster. It has a slight heat that makes it perfect to use with any kitchen's fixed component.

11. Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray

Are you still undecided about whether gray is a trendy kitchen cabinet hue? It is still there, so don't be surprised. Sherwin Williams' Dorian Gray is a deeper, more mid-toned furniture hue.

The greige undertones make it ideal for kitchen cabinetry. It is easy to mix with the permanent parts because of the balance of tones.

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12. Sherwin Williams Naval

Sherwin Williams Naval is still a great kitchen cabinet painting color, it is also a crowd favorite. We had a feeling Naval would make the final cut. It is similar to dark blue but with a little more brightness.

Naval frequently appears as a highlight hue, such as in a two-tone home cupboard design or on a kitchen island, in our experience.

13. Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Sherwin Williams Alabaster is one of the most popular cupboard paint colors, which goes without saying. It is an off-white painting hue that looks amazing on any furniture.

It is a fantastic choice for kitchen furnishings with some warm colors. Alabaster is an excellent choice since it is not a blinding white but rather a soft white.

Tips For Choosing Gray Cabinets

Every hue will add a unique touch to your house! To get the best gray tone to your kitchen cabinets, you should carefully analyze and compare the following criteria.

Choose The Suitable Shade

Choosing which color scheme would work best in your kitchen is up to you. Ensure the color you chose for the cabinet goes nicely with the rest of your appliances.

If there is adequate light in the kitchen, you should use a darker hue. If you have a tiny kitchenette, the light beige tone is preferable to the dark shade. When there isn't enough room around it, picking a dark tone will appear dull.

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Pick An Ideal Theme

You must first choose the sort of motif you want for your kitchen. It should be an environmental kitchen; how about a theme to bring everything together?

There are many other styles to pick from, including beach-inspired kitchens, luxury kitchens, spectacular kitchens, and many others. You may select an appropriate pattern for your kitchenette based on the lights and the location.

Following that, your interior decorator will show you the many gray tones available for usage in your home.

Extra Accessories

It would be best to put additional kitchen accessories to the gray kitchen cupboards. You may inquire further about it with the designer.

You may complement the kitchen cabinet with appropriate appliances, lighting, and other elements.

Do Not Forget Countertop Color

The color you chose for the cabinets should complement the countertop. You should choose a color that complements the others perfectly.

In a kitchen, any color countertop looks excellent with gray cabinetry. Nonetheless, while picking cabinet colors, keep the tabletop in mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions concerning the best gray color for kitchen cabinets are below. If you plan to get one, please double-check the answers.

1. Is Gray A Good Choice For Kitchen Cabinets?

A stylish setup

A stylish setup (Source: Flickr)

If you still wonder, “Is GREY color good for the kitchen?” We ensure that gray is an attractive option for kitchenette cabinets since it is neither bright nor dark.

It is a hue associated with neutrality and balance. Moreover, it is the perfect middle-ground color for Shaker and contemporary glass-front cupboards.

2. Are Gray Cabinets Too Trendy?

Although grays aren't very popular in traditional kitchen designs, they have distinct characteristics and hold their own in the modern kitchenette scene.

3. Are Gray Kitchen Cabinets A Fad?

Gray cabinets are among the most fashionable kitchenette design ideas. They're adaptable choices that can seem old or new, classic or contemporary. They can fill the gap in a transitional space, depending on the formulation of the doors.

4. What Is The Most Popular Cabinet Color For Kitchens?

White is a shared kitchenette cabinet hue. Whites and off whites were identified by roughly 50% of homeowners as one of the most preferred kitchen color themes in the coming years.

Meanwhile, blues and grays, as well as bones and beiges, were noted by at least 25% of poll participants.


So, what color gray is best for kitchen cabinets? With our unique blend of customized attention, excellent work, and a simplified procedure, we are dedicated to making your house painting experience stress-free and straightforward.

Contact us now for a complete in-person evaluation or reap the benefits of our estimate. We cannot wait to assist you in realizing your dream house!

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